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Verdant was a nightclub owned by Thea Queen and previously run by Tommy Merlyn. It is located at 1052 Industrial Avenue[1] in the East sector of the Glades in Star City. The club was founded by Oliver Queen and used as a cover for his vigilante operations, with the Arrowcave located in the basement.


As a front for vigilantism[]

In October 2012, shortly after returning from Lian Yu, Oliver Queen decided to open Verdant to provide an alibi for his nighttime vigilante activities at Queen Industrial Inc., his father's former steel factory.[2] Oliver's base of operations, the Arrowcave, was built underneath.[3] 

The first Arrowcave

Arrowcave underneath Verdant.

After Tommy Merlyn was cut off by his father, Oliver hired him to be the manager of Verdant.[4]

In January 2013, on Tommy's suggestion, a fundraiser for the Starling City Firemen's Relief Association was held in the nearly-finished Verdant. During the event however, Verdant was burned down by Garfield Lynns, delaying its opening until a later date.[5]

In February, Tommy held a tasting at Verdant for himself and Laurel Lance while auditioning potential chefs for the club.[6]

Thea Queen convinced Roy Harper to accept a job at Verdant and he was hired as a busboy. Steve Aoki DJ'd at the grand opening of Verdant on March 20, 2013.[7] 

Tommy took $10,000 from Verdant's accounts and used it to bribe corrupt zoning commissioner Eric Meissner into skipping the nightclub's inspection in order to keep the Arrowcave hidden. After a partier at Verdant, Veronica Sparks, died from using Vertigo, Detective Quentin Lance investigated the club. Tommy was able to cover the Arrowcave by passing it off as a storage area. Afterwards, Tommy quit as manager when he and Oliver had a falling out.[8]

Thea Queen's management[]

After the Undertaking, Thea took over Verdant as owner and manager. Several months later, the Hoods attacked the club in search of Oliver. Roy tried to stop them, but they escaped after kidnapping Thea.[9]

In early 2014 when Laurel began facing disbarment, she went to Verdant and got drunk while telling Oliver and Thea of her predicament. Thea eventually called a cab to take Laurel home.[10]

When Sara Lance returned to Starling City, Thea hired her to be Verdant's new bartender after Mandy quit.[11]

After Laurel recovered from her alcoholism, Sara helped her fill out a job application at Verdant,[12] though Laurel was rehired by the D.A.'s office soon after. Later in a stockroom at Verdant, Thea caught Roy making out with an employee, Becky, much to her heartbreak, and angrily broke up with him (which was part of Roy's plan, under pressure from Oliver).[13]

When Moira Queen was running for mayor, she held her campaign rally at Verdant. Thea made a statement at the rally to lure Roy, under the influence of Mirakuru, to the club in hopes of getting through to him. Roy attacked Verdant and nearly strangled Thea but was eventually sedated and captured by Oliver.[14]

After Queen Consolidated was bought out by Isabel Rochev, Thea's tenancy at Verdant was terminated (in large part due to her stubborn refusal to sign a form that would have protected her family's assets)[15] since the steel factory in which the club was built was an asset of the company.[16] Following Oliver's loss of Queen Consolidated and Thea's departure from Starling City, Verdant was closed indefinitely, though the Arrowcave remained operational.[17]

After Thea returned to Starling City in late 2014, she used money from Malcolm Merlyn's estate to buy the deeds to the steel factory, likely from Ray Palmer, and reopened Verdant. She hired Roy as the assistant manager.[18]

Thea had difficulty finding a suitable DJ for Verdant's grand reopening. Chase successfully DJ'd at the opening and was officially hired. Carrie Cutter/Cupid hired a hacker, Kirby Bates, who figured out that Verdant was the Arrow's base by using an algorithm. She attended the club's grand reopening and began looking around for the Arrow. Oliver called Carrie and arranged to meet her elsewhere, after which she threatened to kill everyone in Verdant if he did not show up.[1]

In spring 2015, Captain Lance and the SCPD raided Verdant while on a manhunt for the Arrow and discovered the Arrowcave in the basement, though only Roy's fingerprints were found. As a result, the club was shut down and is no longer used as Team Arrow's base of operations.[19]

Several months later, Team Arrow lured a resurrected, soulless Sara to Verdant by using Thea as bait. After a brief battle, Oliver used a tranquilizer arrow to sedate Sara.[20]

Alternate reality[]

In the alternate reality created by the Dominators, Verdant still existed under the management of Thea, similar to the real world.[21]

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  • Verdant has many private areas set aside for VIP lounges, which are one of its main focuses.[22]
  • Oliver previously wanted the club to be named "Queens'", after himself.[2] Other names considered were "Shadow", "The Island", "Purgatory", "Quills", "The Foundry", "The Lair", "The Glade", and "Emerald".[22]
  • One of Oliver's policies at Verdant is that drugs are not allowed in the nightclub.[8]
  • It is likely that Oliver created Verdant not only as an alibi for his nightly activities, but also to gain business experience in the future.
  • Oliver hired Steve Aoki for Verdant's opening, stating that he dated the latter's sister before being shipwrecked.[7]
  • Kirby Bates, a hacker recruited by Carrie Cutter, was able to use an algorithm to deduce the Arrow's activities back to the club. This is the first time someone has made the connection between Verdant and the Arrow.[1]
  • In the alley behind Verdant, there are two neon green signs of Asian symbols.[23] One of them, 水, is Chinese for "water." The second one is two symbols, one on top of another; the bottom symbol, 楽, is Japanese for "comfort," but the top symbol is unknown. The second symbol was also seen in Hong Kong.[24]