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"You can't stop gambling. The thing you learn about me, I only play safe bets and you, little girl, are as safe as they come."
—Veronica Sinclair to Supergirl[src]

Veronica Sinclair, also known as Roulette, is a former prominent socialite in National City, as well as a secret ringmaster who commanded aliens to fight in mortal combats for the entertainment of the rich. Veronica's illegal activities soon caught the attention of Supergirl, causing her fighting ring to be shut down. She later became involved in a human trafficking scheme operating from Maaldoria until Supergirl, Mon-El, and the D.E.O. freed Veronica's captives, leaving her stranded on the planet.


Early life[]

Veronica Sinclair was born into a rich family. She went to Mount Helena Boarding School[1] with Lena Luthor, but the two never really got along.[2]

Alien fight club[]

Kara faces Roulette

Veronica faces Supergirl.

Using the alias "Roulette," Veronica organized an underground fight club in National City, commanding aliens to fight to the death for money, all to entertain the rich. One evening, Alex and Maggie infiltrate the Fight Club and assist as Roulette presented the audience the first battle: Miss Martian against Quill, who was abducted by her guards. The fight is interrupted by the arrival of Supergirl, so Roulette released Draaga. Draaga turns out to be stronger than the superheroine. The battle between the two forces Alex and Maggie to shoot into the air to disperse the crowd, which allows Roulette to flee. Later Kara stopped Roulette's limousine and told her that she will end her illegal fights. Roulette replied that her club does not violate the law, as aliens are not people, and therefore they have no rights. She points out that on the contrary, she is giving them a place where they can "find glory and earn money."

Roulette hosts a fight between the last Green Martians

Roulette host the fight of the Last Green Martians.

The next day, Roulette's guards kidnapped J'onn and M'gann to make them fight until death for the title of being the "last Green Martian." M'gann attacks J'onn mercilessly but he refuses to defend himself. He told her that she should not become a murderer just because she feels guilty for having survived. After that, M'gann says to Roulette she will not kill J'onn, so the ringmaster frees Draaga to kill them both. At that moment, Alex and Maggie burst into the club with a police riot and arrest Roulette, who managed to get released thank to her friends in high places. Before Roulette rode away in her limousine, Alex warns her that her time will come.[2]

Slave trading[]

Roulette on Maaldoria

Roulette encounter Supergirl and Mon-El on Maaldoria.

With her club shut down, Roulette had nowhere to go, then one of her former fighters told her about Maaldoria and its work in the intergalactic slave market. She arranged a meeting with a Maaldorian doctor and they began gathering strong and able-bodied humans in National City to sell in exchange for Maaldorian diamonds. Supergirl stumbles onto her scheme when she went to Maaldoria with Mon-El. When Roulette tried to sell her collection of slaves to a Dominator, Supergirl stood defiantly in the way. Being deprived of her powers due to Maaldoria's red sun, Supergirl was then tortured with the slavers' weapons. Watching her suffer on their behalf, the group of kidnapped people rebelled against Roulette and ended up locking her in their cell as they made their escape.[3]


  • Network: Veronica established many influential contacts in National City by allowing affluent individuals to be her fight ring's spectators. Through these connections, Veronica even managed to avoid incarceration after her ring was shut down.



Season 2[]


Behind the scenes[]

  • Roulette was created by Geoff Johns and Rags Morales, first appearing in JSA Secret Files and Origins #2 (September, 2001). She usually runs a gambling establishment for super-villains and is also associated with events such as captive superhero death-matches.