Vertullarians, better known as "Truth Seekers", are a species on Earth-38 and Earth-Prime that force anyone to whom they are in physical contact to tell the truth.


An indispensable breed of xenobiological life-form rarely found on Earth according to Brainy, the Vertuallarians are a psychic breed of symbiotic alien which compel those whom they attach themselves to commit acts of uninhibited veracity and to this effect, they are often slated as the "Truth Seekers" due to people being unable to lie while latched onto a host.[1] Even infants have a profound honesty inducing effect on the most strong-willed minds, such as in the case of the Luthor family.[2]


Original multiverse

Lauren Haley used a Vertullarian to discover Supergirl's secret identity, leading all the D.E.O. agents who know it - including Alex - to have their memories erased by J'onn J'onzz.[1]

Months later, Lena asked her adoptive mother Lillian to help her find a way to extract the Harun-El from a human body and bonded her to a baby Vertullarian to force her to tell her only the truth, thus prompting the latter to admit that she loved Lena.[3]

After the D.E.O. caught Rip Roar, they tried to use a Vertullarian to interrogate him about Leviathan, however the suit he wore mada him immune to their influence.[4]

New multiverse

Lex Luthor visited his sister Lena stating that he knew she was skeptical because she couldn't trust him, so he placed a baby Vertullarian around his arm prompting her to ask everything she wanted.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Truth inducement: While attached to a host, Vertullarians force said individual to tell only the truth;[1] even if that person is strong-willed or a master manipulator.[3]


  • Rip Roar suit: While Russell Rogers was wearing this suit given to him by Leviathan, he was immune to a truth-seeker's influence.[4]



Season 4

Season 5


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