"Good morning, Gotham, your girl Vesper Fairchild here. So was I dreaming or is Batman really back? If so, things are looking up for this city. If not, I just revealed way too much about my dreams. Talk to me, Gotham. Are you as excited about mister tall, dark, and unavailable as I am?"
—Vesper Fairchild[src]

Vesper Fairchild is a radio talk show host in Gotham City whose program is one of the most important and popular sources of information for her fellow Gothamites. She is an active, yet somewhat fair-weathered, supporter of Batman and Batwoman.


Original multiverse

Early life

Vesper Fairchild was born and raised in Gotham City, she became a radio talk show host, famous for knowing everyone in the city and hosting her editorial-type talk show, where she presented news and her say on the matters at hand.[1]

At some point before 2007, Vesper did an exposé on white-collar crime and, in order to convince her that Queen Consolidated was a clean company, Oliver Queen "slept" with Vesper, a moment he would forget over the following years.[2]

Return of the Bat

In 2018, Vesper reported the Bat vigilante's recent exploits on her radio talk show, and rhetorically asked her listeners' opinions on the masked crusader's return.[1] She was amused for days by Batman's supposed return, stating at her talk show that even after four days it was still the most discussed topic in town, however after the incident on Loeb Bridge involving the Crows transporting Alice and her subsequent escape, she stated that it's time to wonder if Gothamites had put their hopes on a ghost, joking that Batman wasn't around because he went to a "caped guys convention" or Robin's graduation.[3]

Ten days later, noting Batman didn't make other appearances, on a broadcast Vesper asked her listener if anyone else was feeling ghosted. Later, when a mannequin dressed as Batman was left in front of the Gotham City Gazette as an intimidating message, in another broadcast Vesper questioned Batman over what the deal was urging him to step out of the shadows and into this ring because Gotham really need his vigilante and, after Batwoman finally make her public debut, Vesper happily report that The Bat was back, just curvier and sexier; asking her public how to call the new vigilante and prompting Sophie Moore to suggest "Batwoman".[4]

Catching up with "Oliver"

During the first change in reality made with the Book of Destiny by John Deegan in December 2018, Vesper was contacted by Barry Allen, who was in Oliver's reality, to which Vesper reminded him of their affair back in the day and hung up.[2]

Following Batwoman's career

After Magpie began her series of robbery, Vesper wondered where Batwoman was and why she hadn't stopped her yet, also mocking her after a gallery footage showed that Batwoman missed the batarang when fighting the thief. However after the vigilante finally captured Magpie, Vesper sincerely complimented her saying she has a beautiful smile, and thus should smile more.[5]

Vesper actively reported on the Executioner, being initially disappointed when Batwoman freed Chris Medlock, the primary suspect, from the Crows, but subsequently admitted that the vigilante got things right when Medlock was exonerated and the conspiracy between ADA Angus Stanton, Detective Stu Donnelly and Judge Raymond Calverick exposed. She also informed her fellow Gothamites that the DA was reopening all cases tainted by the cabal's actions.[6]

One week later, Vesper talked about how Batwoman thwarted the Rifle's third attack, since there were two other successful attacks in that same week.[7] A few days later, Vesper reported on Gotham's annual Humanitarian Ball and the murder of Catherine Hamilton-Kane.[8]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Vesper as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[9] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[10]

New multiverse

Batwoman's coming out

In January 2020, Vesper believed that, following the death of Oliver Queen, the world needed a reason to smile. She then reported on Batwoman and officer Slam Bradley being seen together after the former saved a train, believing that the two had some sort of romantic connection. Following Alice being remanded to the custody of Crows Security, Vesper commented on Batwoman's decision to come out as a lesbian and what political ramifications it may bear as the story is published by CatCo.[11]

After the events of the kidnapping of Bryan Akins and Steven Forbes, as well as Alice escape from the Crows custody, Vesper made a special broadcast pointing out she wouldn't began it saying "good night" as usual due to how disappointed she was for GCPD's decision of refusing to turn on the Bat-Signal after Batwoman came out as lesbian.[12] The following day, Vesper reported repeatedly on Alice's manhunt.[13]

Rising rogues' gallery

Over the following weeks, Vesper talked to her listeners about Nocturna's killing spree,[14] the brutal face-slashing of the influencer Kimberly Wright at the hands of the criminal she dubbed "Serial Slashionista",[15] and the Detonator's return after a seven year hiatus to "prove there were no heroes in Gotham".[16]

Vesper welcomes Hush to Gotham City and gave him his nickname after he attacked Gotham University's library and only says one word: "Hush".[17] Few days later, following Arkham massive prison break, Vesper reported about former Gotham Goliaths tight end Tim "The Titan" Teslow being on the loose.[18]


"Talk to me, Gotham."
—Vesper Fairchild's catchphrase

Vesper is very social, knowing everyone in Gotham City.[2] She appears to be somewhat snobbish, often making snarky remarks about Batman and Batwoman, forgetting their contributions to the city to the point of annoying Kate Kane and her girlfriend.[5] She is also somewhat spiteful, hanging up on someone she perceived to be Oliver Queen; due to him not remembering their fling.[2] However, she makes it very clear that she is not one to deny credit when, where and to whom it is due.

She is also quite open-minded and supportive regarding LGBT+ community, as demonstrated when Batwoman publicly came out as a lesbian,[11] while she seems to be viciously critic on GCPD effectivity.[12]


  • High-level intellect/Great business acumen/Expert tactician/Leader: Vesper is an intelligent woman, able to create her own talk show from the ground-up.[1] As its host, she oversees the business' daily activities and ensured its success as one of the most important and popular sources of information in Gotham City. Vesper often shares some wisdom with her audience by giving them advices and opinion over important matters.[11][12] She is a natural leader, able to inspire the citizens of Gotham to take a stand.[4][12]
  • Network: According to Oliver Queen, Vesper knows everyone in Gotham.[2]



Season 7


Season 1


Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Vesper Fairchild was a radio talk show host who became romantically involved with Bruce Wayne, without knowing of his double identity as Batman.
  • When questioning what to call Batwoman, Vesper doesn't suggest "Batgirl", which would imply that the super-heroine Batgirl either already exists in the Arrowverse, or she may have at some point.


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