"Good morning, Gotham, your girl Vesper Fairchild here. So was I dreaming or is Batman really back? If so, things are looking up for this city. If not, I just revealed way too much about my dreams. Talk to me, Gotham. Are you as excited about mister tall, dark, and unavailable as I am?"
—Vesper Fairchild[src]

Vesper Fairchild is a radio talk show host in Gotham City.


Original multiverse

As a radio talk show host, Vesper Fairchild knew everyone in Gotham City.

At some point in the past, Vesper Fairchild did an exposé on white-collar crime. To convince Vesper that Queen Consolidated was a clean company, Oliver Queen "slept" with her, a moment he would forget over the years.[1]

Return of the Bat

In 2018, Vesper reported the Bat vigilante's recent exploits on her radio talk show, and rhetorically asked her listeners' opinions on the masked crusader's return.[2] She was amused for days by Batman's supposed return, stating at her talk show that even after four days it was still the most discussed topic in town, however after the incident on Loeb Bridge involving the Crows transporting Alice and her subsequent escape, she stated that it's time to wonder if Gothamites had put their hopes on a ghost, joking that Batman wasn't around because he went to a "caped guys convention" or Robin's graduation.[3]

Catching up with "Oliver"

During the first change in reality made by John Deegan in December 2018, Vesper was contacted by Barry Allen, who was in Oliver's identity, to which Vesper reminded him of their affair back in the day and hung up.[1]

New multiverse

In January 2020, Vesper Fairchild believed that, following the death of Oliver Queen, the world needed a reason to smile. She then reported on Batwoman and Officer Slam Bradley being seen together after the former saved a train, believing that the two had some sort of romantic connection. Following Alice being remanded to the custody of Crows Security, Vesper commented on Batwoman's decision to come out as a lesbian as the story is published by CatCo.[4]


Vesper Fairchild is very social, knowing everyone in Gotham City.

She also appears to be somewhat snobbish, often making snarky remarks about Batman and Batwoman, forgetting their contributions to the city to the point of annoying Kate Kane and her girlfriend. Vesper is also somewhat spiteful, hanging up on someone she perceived to be Oliver Queen, due to not remembering their fling.



Season 7


Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Vesper Fairchild was a radio talk show host who became romantically involved with Bruce Wayne.
  • When questioning what to call Batwoman, Vesper randomly mentions "Batgirl" as an idea. This implies the super-heroine Batgirl from the DC comics doesn't publicly exist in the Arrowverse as of yet.


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