"Exclusive eyewear designed to deliver immersive interdimensional reality. The wavelength trigger is a little finicky – I’ve still gotta figure out how to automatically tune to the frequencies of different Earths so I can take full advantage of my vibrational abilities. With these bad boys, I can see into the past, present, and future! Lightweight yet durable, these goggles come with an adjustable strap, mirror lenses, and sculpted marshmallow foam that fits naturally to the contours of my face, making them as comfortable as they are badass!"
—Cisco Ramon[src]

The Vibe glasses are a special pair of goggles created by Cisco Ramon. They were used by Cisco in his activities as the meta-human "Vibe", before encountering his counterpart, Reverb. Ever since the encounter, Cisco used Reverb's version of the glasses instead, after Harry Wells re-calibrated them to the frequency of Earth-1. The goggles help Cisco's conduit of dimensional energies, allowing him to manipulate them with ease for different purposes, such as the creation of breaches between parallel universes. While in the goggles, Reverb appeared to be able to produce a weaponized form of "vibing" power, which Cisco also managed to perform during his confrontation with the Black Siren.


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The original purpose for the glasses were to help Cisco vividly enter his "dreams" after he started remembering his death at the hands of Eobard Thawne from a previous timeline.[1]


The glasses were later modified by "Harry" with a wave length trigger to help stimulate the fear receptors in Cisco's brain and gain more control over his vibes to help find Eobard Thawne. Their actions were successful, as Cisco gained the ability to see the future, allowing the Flash to alter it.[2] After this however, the glasses from Earth-1 were found useless to vibing in different Earths, to be specific, different frequencies when the team traveled to Earth-2

Earth-2 glasses

However on Earth-2, Cisco and Barry encountered Cisco's doppelgänger, a meta-human criminal known as Reverb, who used advanced gear in service to Zoom. After Zoom killed Reverb, Cisco acquired his doppelgangers goggles and brought them to Earth-1 to solve the problem of vibing when in different universes.[3] Harry Wells later re-calibrated Reverb's goggles, adjusting them to the frequency of Cisco's Earth and thus allowing Cisco to channel trans-dimensional energy and open breaches between different universes.

They were later added to the Vibe suit along with a pair of gauntlets.

The glasses, along with the rest of Cisco's suit, were destroyed when he faked his death while fighting Cicada.[4]

It's implied that Cisco later rebuilt the glasses, presumably with all of the same capabilities they had previously, as he was seen wearing them, along with a suit identical to the one that'd been destroyed in his confrontation with Cicada, when he, Barry, Nora, Ralph, and Caitlin confronted Icicle.[5]

Earth-X glasses

Similar glasses were used by Vibe of Earth-X, presumably allowing him to have a similar array of powers.[6]

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  • Vibe's glasses on Earth-1 glowed green lights at the lenses, while on Earth-2 the glasses belonging to Reverb glowed blue at the lenses. This was revealed to be due to the different frequencies between the two Earths, making the color and power enhancements different. However, after getting Reverb's updated version of the glasses, Cisco's goggles have been glowing blue ever since.

Behind the scenes

  • Before the modifications were made to the glasses, they looked similar to the Oakley Racing Jacket Glasses.


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