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|creator= [[Cisco Ramon]]
|creator= [[Cisco Ramon]]
|wearer= [[Cisco Ramon]]
|wearer= [[Cisco Ramon]]
|show= The Flash
|show= The Flash (The CW)
|number = 2}}The '''Vibe suit''' is a protective suit that [[Cisco Ramon]] uses to help control his powers as well as to conceal his identity while operating in the field as Vibe.
|number = 2}}The '''Vibe suit''' is a protective suit that [[Cisco Ramon]] uses to help control his powers as well as to conceal his identity while operating in the field as Vibe.

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The Vibe suit is a protective suit that Cisco Ramon uses to help control his powers as well as to conceal his identity while operating in the field as Vibe.


The suit at first consisted of the Vibe glasses and the Vibe gauntlets, and a few of Cisco's ordinary clothing, this is how the suit remained for some time until Cisco eventually completed the suit. The full completed suit also consists of the Glasses and the Gauntlets, but now includes a black and burgundy jacket and has dark yellow lines on the shoulder and on the collar area, the suit also consists of black pants.

Unlike other suit that Cisco has made, this suit doesn't have boots, instead it has a pair of red and gold trainers with golden zippers and straps.

It's unknown if Cisco put some form of protection into the suit as he could feel pain from Gypsy's punches during their battle, but it can be presumed that he upgraded it after this event.


Originally the suit only consisted of the Vibe glasses, but sometime later Cisco decided to work on a full suit as he was seen making gauntlets for it to help control his powers more, stating to Barry that they were the gauntlets for 'his suit', with the glasses to help with Cisco's 'vibing' and the gauntlets to help with his vibrational blasts, which he was only able to do once before.[1]

The full suit was first seen when Cisco vibed Caitlin for when she revealed she had meta-human powers similar to those of her evil Earth-2 counterpart, he was seen wearing the full completed suit, foreshadowing that he would eventually complete it. In the vision, the suit seemed to be made out of a leather-like material with a black, yellow and red jacket, the pants of the suit couldn't be properly seen in the vision. The suit also consisted of the Vibe glasses and the Vibe gauntlets.[2]

The suit remained uncompleted until Gypsy arrived from Earth-19 to make H.R. pay for his crime violating Earth-19's ban on inter-dimensional travel. When the time came for Cisco to fight Gypsy to save H.R.'s life, the suit was completed.[3]

He later wore it when he and Gypsy helped Barry, Wally and Jesse in helping to fight Grodd and his soldiers from Earth-2,[4] and later when he helped Wally and J'onn J'onzz in fighting Music Meister.[5] He also wore it when he helped Barry, Wally, Jay and Gypsy in the final battle against Savitar and Killer Frost.[6]

In a possible future set in the year 2024 it was revealed that the gauntlets of the suit were destroyed along with Cisco's hands, the rest of the suit was presumably discarded.[7] This future was erased after Caitlin Snow managed to break free of her Killer Frost persona, and proceeded to stop Savitar from killing Cisco during the final battle against the evil speedster in 2017.[6]


The suit was destroyed when Cisco faked his death to trick Cicada.[8]

Second suit

When Icicle was trying to get his body to a temperature of absolute zero to inject himself with a serum that would permanently suppress his human side,The Flash, Nora West-Allen, Elongated Man, Vibe and Caitlin Snow came to stop him, and Cisco donned a new suit identical to his previous one.[9]


  • Identity concealment: While also to help him control his powers, the glasses on the suit can presumably help to hide his identity.
  • Vibe blasts: Sometime after Barry created a new timeline, Cisco began to make gauntlets to help control his vibe blasts. He had been able to generate vibrational blasts before but he could only do it once. His Earth-2 counterpart was able to do it without the help of Gauntlets, but this is because he was more in control with his powers. Later, Cisco was shown to be able to create vibe blasts without use of the gauntlets.

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