Vibers are a type of meta-humans who have a link to the energy of the multiverse. This enables them to see places and people in time and space, as well as travel across the dimensions.


There are several vibers throughout the multiverse.

Cisco Ramon received his powers after the particle accelerator explosion on Earth-1 however they did not manifest until Barry changed the timeline and prevented Mark Mardon from destroying Central City. The resultant Time Rupture caused Cisco's powers to manifest. Since then he has grown in the proficiency of his powers able to effortlessly open breaches and use the energy in combat.

On Earth-2, the particle accelerator released radiation under Central City creating meta-humans. Among those effected was Cisco Ramon's Earth-2 counterpart Reverb. This viber was so gifted he could destroy a nervous system in one blast. He used his powers on Earth-2 under the employment of Zoom.

On Earth-19 through unknown circumstances, Gypsy received dimensional powers which she used in her duties as a collector. It is implied that others have the same powers in their duties as collectors.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Vibers have altered their DNA and physiology to access dimensional energy.
    • Dimensional energy manipulation: Vibers have a psychic link to the natural energies of reality, allowing them to connect with various vibrations of the multiverse and manipulate them for various effects.
    • Dimensional awareness: Known as "vibing", vibers can perceive various events throughout time and space, letting them see into the past and future as well as parallel dimensions, even into the very Speed Force itself.
    • Interdimensional travel: With their natural connection to the multiverse, vibers can open portals to other dimensions.
    • Mental connection: Vibers are connected by their powers and are able to observe each other if they're skilled enough.
    • Vibrational blasts: Vibers are able to generate powerful concussive blasts of vibrations from their hands able to propel a full-grown adult through the air.


  • Power-dampening cuffs: Like all meta-humans, if Vibers are wearing power-dampening cuffs, they are unable to use their powers.
  • Super speed: If a speedster brings a Viber like Cisco into "Flashtime" so that they move as fast as a speedster, they will be unable to open breaches.

Known Vibers

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