Victoria "Vicki" Donahue (born 1989) is Alex Danvers' former high school classmate, best friend, and secretly, her first crush.


Early life

In the 2000s, Vicki Donahue attended Midvale High School and was the best friend of Alex Danvers, as well as a good friend of Josie. Like them, she was a member of the popular crowd.[1] Vicki and Alex often had sleepovers at the former's house, in which they shared her bed. Soon though, Alex started to develop romantic feelings towards her friend. Confused and scared, she responded by fighting with Vicki over almost everything, even if it was stupid or insignificant, until they eventually drifted apart.[2]


The memory of the fallout with Vicki made Alex feel so bad that she buried it inside of herself for years, consequently not coming out as a lesbian until much later in life.[2]



Season 2

Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • Although Vicki was simply mentioned in "Changing" by Alex Danvers when coming out to Kara, she briefly appeared in a flashback in "Midvale"​ among Alex's friends in the scene at the cafeteria. She was credited as "Vicki", despite Kenny Li being the only one who called her by name.


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