"Victor Fries. When his wife got sick, he tried to freeze her till they found a cure."
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Dr. Victor Fries, also known as Mr. Freeze[1], is the husband of Nora Fries and a former-scientist-turned-criminal, who kept in touch with Thomas Snow after the latter went underground.


Original multiverse

Early life

Victor Fries is the husband of Nora Fries[2] as well as a well-known scientist specializing in cryogenics. At some point after Thomas Snow faked his own death and went underground, Victor was one of several scientists Thomas stayed in contact with, due to Victor's expertise.[3]

At some point, Victor began using a cryogenic weapon and was locked in Arkham Asylum together with his wife.[2]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Victor Fries as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[4] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[5]

New multiverse

Victor Fries is still alive in the new multiverse, becoming the criminal known as "Mr. Freeze" and freezing his wife due to her getting sick.[1]


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