Victor Nocenti (died September 2012) was an employee of Starling Port and the father of Emily Nocenti.


Victor Nocenti worked at Starling Port as a stevedore. In September 2012, he discovered that the company's CEO, Martin Somers, was taking bribes from the Chinese Triad to smuggle drugs into Starling City through the port. He threatened to testify about this to the police. In response, Somers had Victor brought before him and ordered the Triad to kill him. Victor was then murdered by Chien Na Wei, who slit his throat.[1]


Victor's daughter, Emily Nocenti, filed a civil suit against Martin Somers upon learning the truth of her father's death. Ultimately, The Hood was able to record Somers' confession of ordering the hit on Victor, ensuring he was arrested and getting justice for Victor's murder.[1]



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Behind the scenes

  • The surname Nocenti derives from a root of knowledge, the opposite of which is "innocent".
  • Victor and Emily's surname, Nocenti, is likely a reference to the comic book writer Ann Nocenti, who had a brief stint on Green Arrow comics from 2012-2013.


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