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"You should ask yourself, if the person you're inflicting pain on actually enjoys pain, at what point do you just... give up?"
—Victor Zsasz to Ryan Wilder[src]

Victor Zsasz is a charismatic assassin from Gotham City with high, unpredictable energy who proudly carves tally marks onto his skin for every victim he kills.


Early life

Most of Zsasz's past life is unknown, but what is known is that he became an assassin who kept track of how many individuals he killed by tally marking himself, which at some point caught the attention of Batman. His goal in his line of work was to have his entire body covered in scars, so he could retire from his job.

At some point, Zsasz came to know about Ryan Wilder and Angelique Martin's domestic problems.[1]

Hired by Safiyah Sohail

"Your final clue. Batwoman thwarted this tally-totaling hitman just after donning her new do."

In Gotham, Zsasz breaks into two lovers' apartment and kills them. While he was celebrating his latest kill by cutting himself, he receives a phone call from Safiyah Sohail to do another job, get information on the recipients of the Desert Rose cure.

Then he breaks into Hamilton Dynamics and kills two employees to get it, stealing a flash drive. Since Zsasz puts a special lotion on his cuts, he is easily traced, and Batwoman succeeds in getting the flash drive in his apartment. But Victor was there and saw her, he then insults her with his quick observation; she is wearing a suit that does not fit her, literally and mentally. He later fires a rocket launcher at her to avoid a fight.

Then, Ryan Wilder asks Victor for a date. They talk about Angelique Martin and then Ryan tries to pay him to kill Alice, but he refuses it, citing that he was on a job. Victor goes to Mary Hamilton's secret clinic to kill her because Safiyah does not want the secret of the panacea to become widespread. He seriously injures an employee and pursues Mary, but she strikes him and manages to escape. Zsasz runs after her but is approached by Batwoman with a new suit, they fight and she manages to defeat him using her bo-staff.[1]

Months later, Victor's name is the answer to a quiz question given by Cluemaster.[2]


A sociopath and a sexual sadomasochist, Zsasz takes deep pleasure in inflicting pain onto others, as well as himself. He is charismatic, highly intelligent, sophisticated and appreciates the finer things in life. He speaks with a monotone voice and has no real emotion behind his words. He kills without empathy or remorse and appears to take sadistic pleasure in inflicting pain onto his victims.

Despite Zsasz's youthful appearance, he has killed hundreds of individuals, as his entire body is covered in scars, suggesting he has either killed early or often. Zsasz is devoid of conscience, fear or empathy for those around him and he has no value for human life.

As a prolific assassin, Zsasz has killed individuals in many different types of ways and has no qualms with who he kills, regardless of age, race or gender. Overall, Zsasz is a sadomasochistic sociopath who works as an assassin that takes pride and pleasure in murdering individuals.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As an assassin, Zsasz is in top physical condition. He possesses enough strength able to snap a grown man's neck. He is also nimble and agile in combat, ducking and weaving his way around his opponents.
  • High tolerance for pain: Zsasz possesses an extremely high tolerance for pain and discomfort and thinks nothing of hurting himself, even cutting his own head.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant: Zsasz is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant; as he was able to overpower Vin Capalaci in a fist fight and kill him. He is able to fight against Ryan Wilder (under the persona of Batwoman) overpowering and nearly killing her. He mentioned that he had previously fought fought Batman himself in the past, but Zsasz was ultimately bested by the Dark Knight.
    • Master knife-wielder: Zsasz is high skilled with using different types of knives in a fight from combat knives to push daggers, wether it be in close quarters combat or for throwing them.
  • Expert marksman: Zsasz has some skill with firearms, such as handguns and rocket launchers. He killed a scientist with the latter's own pistol, quickly disarming him and accurately shooting him in the forehead.
  • Master assassin: Zsasz is an experienced (and expensive) assassin, covered from head to toe in tally marks, with each one representing a kill. He is willing to use unorthodox means and improvised weapons to carry out a hit, such as using a champagne bottle or killing a man with his own tie.
  • Stealth: As a hitman, Zsasz can sneak into secure facilities and ambush his targets.


  • Combat knife: Zsasz used a combat knife to kill a doctor and attempted kill Mary Hamilton with it, even using it as a makeshift throwing knife, though was disarmed of it by Batwoman.
  • Push daggers: Zsasz wielded two push daggers in combat against Ryan Wilder as Batwoman, even holding her at knifepoint with one when he gained the upper hand in their fight.
  • Straight razor: Zsasz uses a straight razor to carve a tally mark onto his body for each person that he has killed throughout his career as a hitman.
  • Guns: Zsasz used a scientist's handgun against him. He also used a rocket launcher against Ryan Wilder.



Season 2

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Victor Zsasz is a Gotham City serial killer who acts as a recurring villain to Batman.