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Victoria May's is a diner located in Smallville, Kansas.


As Lois Lane researched Morgan Edge in the diner, she noticed Chrissy Beppo watching her. When Lana and Kyle Cushing entered, they invited Lois to the Cushing house for a barbecue.[1]

Days later, the Kents twins were with Sarah Cushing when Lana entered to retrieve her daughter. That night, Lois car, parked outside the diner was set on fire.[2]

After the Smallville Crows win their home opener, they celebrate at Victoria May's. Tag Harris and Corey Wellnitz almost fight.[3]

Lois told "Marcus Bridgewater" to meet her here because she wanted to know his real identity; meanwhile, Clark was in an RV and learned that its computer called the man "Captain Luthor".[4]

The successful users of X-Kryptonite went to the diner every morning to have breakfast to strength their friendships; one morning, Emily Phan ran into Clark Kent here.[5]


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