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"Anyone still think Vigilante's not a problem?"
Oliver Queen to Team Arrow

"Vigilante" is the seventh episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the ninety-ninth episode overall. It aired on November 16, 2016.



A new vigilante shows up in Star City, one who executes hoodlums without a second thought. Quentin tenders his renunciation as Deputy Mayor. He later informs Thea regarding the tossing star and his tanked power outages, yet accepts he is being set up. The group blocks the Vigilante during a bank theft, however he escapes, as does Eric Dunn, the top of the burglars. Head prosecutor Chase drives one of different burglars to uncover Dunn's area and Green Arrow spares him from the Vigilante. Thea persuades Quentin to go into recovery, while Oliver and Susan begin drawing nearer. The group acts like burglars to bait out the Vigilante, who again escapes significantly after Oliver massacres and almost exposes him. Thea educates Oliver concerning Quentin and the chance of him being surrounded; they find that Prometheus must know Green Arrow's personality. Evelyn is uncovered to be working for Prometheus. In flashbacks, Kovar acquaints Oliver with his hireling Galina Venediktov, Taiana's mom. He additionally asserts that the Bratva have just been utilizing Oliver for their own closures, incorporating making an arrangement with him. Kovar then discharges Oliver back to the Bratva.


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Preparation ran from September 1 until September 12, 2016, with a break for Labor Day on September 5. Shooting ran from September 13 until September 22, 2016.[1]


  • In a flashback, Oliver says "Twitch and I will open your throat" to Konstantin Kovar. This is exactly what Slade Wilson said to Oliver in their first meeting in Betrayal.
  • Felicity jokes that Eric Dunn's criminal conviction in 2007 could be "the basis for Making a Murderer season 2".
  • This is the first full appearance of John Diggle, Jr..
    • It is also his first appearance of any kind on Arrow​.
  • This is the first episode of Season 5 in which Anatoly Knyazev doesn't appear.


  • Team Arrow attempts to find information about Vigilante by questioning the owner of a gun store. All three members ask the owner about 5.56 mm hollow point ammunition. However, Vigilante carries an H&K MP5K, which is chambered in 9 mm.
  • When The Spooky Crew blow up Star City National Bank, they place a bomb on the outside on the wall, which would blow the wall inwards. However, the wall blows outwards towards the bomb.