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"You may have passed all the tests and said all the right things, but I do not believe for a second you are Bratva."
—Viktor to Oliver Queen[src]

Viktor (died 2012) was a captain of the Solntsevskaya Bratva. According to him, Bratva was a force of "justice" against the government oppression under Konstantin Kovar. Disbelieving outsiders, he threatened Oliver Queen and tried to have him killed.


Viktor, Anatoly and Oliver in Cafe Lyublyu.

Viktor was one of the three Solntsevskaya Bratva bosses who attended Oliver Queen's final rite of passage into the ranks of the criminal organization. He tried to ask Oliver what does Bratva mean to him in Russian, before changing to English at the request of Anatoly Knyazev. During a Bratva party at Cafe Lyublyu, the only bar in Krasnoyarsk, Viktor approached Oliver and vaguely threatened him, emitting displeasure at the American, disbelieving that he'd ever had a care about the Bratva or the struggle against Konstantin Kovar.[1]

Viktor then had his thugs stage a rape attempt on a stunning woman in the bar, goading Oliver to interfere. When Oliver ran out of the Cafe to confront the thugs, he found out that the woman was in on the ruse, as Viktor's gangsters proceeded to beat Oliver down. Fortunately for Oliver, Anatoly Knyazev hired Christopher Chance, disguised as a friendly Bratva member, to protect him. Afterwards, Anatoly claimed that this was his way of handling the Viktor problem, as the man himself was too well-connected to just kill him.[1]

Viktor was among the Bratva captains who arrived to support Pakhan Gregor during his clash with Oliver and Anatoly. As Gregor was about to kill Anatoly, Knyazev demanded the right for "spross-dopros", a Bratva custom which would judge the current Pakhan's accountability. Gregor tried to refuse, but Viktor and his thugs pressured to honor the tradition. Viktor then acted as the curator of Gregor's "spross-dopros", with most of the thugs deciding to side with Gregor and kill Anatoly, eager to get their share of Gregor's deal with Konstantin Kovar's criminal organization. The meeting was interrupted by Oliver Queen, who asked for ten seconds to explain himself. Viktor agreed to Oliver's request, but kept him on the mark. Oliver revealed documents from Kovar's office, indicating that Gregor had hidden from the rest of the Bratva that he was getting an extra payment from Kovar. Seeing how that changed the matter of trust towards Pakhan, Viktor allowed everybody to change their votes, with his being the deciding one, as the Bratva captain chose to side with Queen and Knyazev. Regretting such a change of events, Gregor opened fire at Anatoly's supporters, including Viktor.[2] Viktor, Oliver and Anatoly managed to defeat Gregor supporters, but Gregor and his men fled the scene. After Gregor was killed by Oliver, Viktor attended the ceremony in which Anatoly was appointed Pakhan. During the attack on Kovar casino, Viktor sided with Kovar and betrayed Anatoly, but after Kovar freed the sarin gas, Viktor was among the casualties.


A resident of Krasnoyarsk, Viktor hated Konstantin Kovar as a governor, considering the Bratva to be a force of "justice" against his oppression, despite Kovar himself being a crime boss as well as government strongman. Viktor also had no trust for foreigners, refusing to believe Oliver Queen and trying to get him killed.


  • Keen intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: Viktor was a crafty mafia boss and had great insight into people's character, recognizing Oliver Queen's heroic streak and using it to goad him into a trap.[1] As a captain of the Solntsevskaya Bratva, Viktor was capable leader.
  • Network: Among the Bratva captains, Viktor was considered so well-connected, that even an Avtoritet as powerful as Anatoly Knyazev did not risk to just kill him and rid himself of problems.[1]



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