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"I told you if I ever saw you again I'd put the hurt on you. You stir up trouble. Trouble is bad for business."
—Vincent Santini to Leonard Snart[src]

Vincent Santini (died 2015) was the head of the Santini crime family.


Vincent Santini is the head of the Santini Crime Family in Central City. He had a history with Leonard Snart, having at least once run him out of town.

He had a history with Leonard Snart by having him run out of town once. Eventually, Snart returns to Central City. He and his partner Mick Rory are captured by Santini's men and brought before the Don, who asks Snart what he is doing in Central City. Snart tells him that it is his city. He also tells Santini that he and his family better left the city to find another area for their crimes.

Santini stands up, asking what Snart would do if Santini refused. Snart says that in that case, they would all freeze or burn. Santini tells Snart that he heard about their guns, but that he also heard that they lost them. He asks Snart what he is going to do without his toys, only for Rory and Snart to break free and take out Santini and his men except one, whom Snart tells to run to the rest of the Santini's to tell them that there's a new godfather in town. [1]

Initially, Santini wanted the three villains to join his crime family, but they refused. This was a result of Barry accidentally altering the timeline while trying to stop Mark Mardon from destroying Central City.


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