Violet is the mother of Dorothy Heywood and the grandmother of Nate Heywood.


According to Nate, playing cards with his grandmother has always been a lose-lose situation.

Violet visited the Heywood house on Thanksgiving 2018. Most of the time, she was seen playing cards with herself.

The family was about to eat dinner when they noticed Nate was missing and decided to wait for him. Ava Sharpe, who was covering for Nate, then had an idea to list everything that they were thankful for, to which Violet said that she was thankful she's still breathing. Violet then listened on as Ava listed all the things she was thankful for.

In Violet's perspective, she then saw Hank Heywood and Ava successfully find and call Nate from the bathroom, and the family finally ate their Thanksgiving meal.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 4


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