Vivian is the girlfriend of Cyrus Vanch and a former career criminal.


Vivian took care of her boyfriend Cyrus Vanch's criminal business while he was incarcerated. Eight months later, she picked Cyrus up after he was released from Iron Heights Prison due to a lack of evidence. Vivian informed Cyrus about the current power vacuum in Starling City and how their business suffered due to George Wolfman, his attorney, in the face of The Hood. The two paid a visit to George and Cyrus quickly killed him. He and Vivian then took up residence in George's mansion.

That night over dinner, Cyrus told Vivian of his plan to take advantage of the power vacuum in the city by gaining control of the leaderless Chinese Triad and Bertinelli crime family. Suddenly, they heard a commotion on the property and Cyrus discovered a trick arrow planted by The Hood. The two then planned to take the vigilante down.

The next day, Vivian contacted her mole at the Starling City Police Department and learned of Laurel Lance's affiliation with The Hood. She informed Cyrus they could use this to draw the vigilante out into the open.

After Cyrus captured Laurel, he and Vivian kept her tied up at the mansion while a huge group of armed mercenaries guarded the perimeter, waiting for the vigilante. The Hood killed all of them and broke into the mansion, where a remaining thug captured him, as he had run out of arrows. As Vivian and Cyrus prepared to execute the vigilante, Detective Quentin Lance killed the last thug. Vivian grabbed a gun and tried to shoot The Hood, but the vigilante quickly disarmed her before slamming Vivian's head against the table, knocking her out. Vivian and Vanch were then incarcerated at Iron Heights.[1] 


Vivian is a sociopathic criminal who will do anything for power and success. She appears to actively share Cyrus Vanch's bloodlust, as she smiled while he killed George Wolfman and threatened Laurel Lance. Vivian is a ruthless, intelligent, calculating woman, as she planned to abduct and use Laurel as bait to draw out The Hood, whom she was eager to kill to ensure the vigilante wouldn't interfere in her and Cyrus' business. Vivian has no regard for anyone's lives other than hers and her boyfriend's, being willing to sacrifice more than 24 guards as cannon fodder for The Hood so he would run out of ammunition.

Vivian was shown to be composed and quiet, only speaking when necessary, in contrast to Cyrus's more loquacious nature.


  • High-level intellect/Economic acumen/Skilled tactician: As a career criminal, Vivian was able to run Cyrus' criminal organization is his absence and has proven to be a capable tactician. She also recruited a mole in the police force to provide her with information and formulated a plan to capture Laurel Lance as bait to lure out The Hood. Vivian counted The Hood's arrows and predicted his shots, ensuring he exhausted his arsenal in taking out the guards, which allowed her to easily capture him.
  • Skilled markswoman/Firearms: Vivian is skilled in the use of firearms.



Season 1


  • So far, it remains unknown who Vivian's mole in the SCPD was.


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