Vixen: The Movie was released on May 23, 2017 on CW Seed. It is a combination of the first and second seasons of Vixen, with additional scenes linking the two.



Special guest stars

Supporting cast

Differences between the web series and movie

  • The most significant difference is the 15-minute intermediate story about Mari starting a job at the Detroit Zoo as assistant to Lena Vargas, Chuck's ex. There, she'll learn how to control her powers to use them more efficiently against upcoming threats. She'll also meet Caesar, a gorilla to which she'll connect with and fight alongside him to get rid of smugglers who are blackmailing Lena.
  • The end of Season 1 sees the Green Arrow and The Flash having a conversation with Mari, as she is on her house's rooftop. At the end of it, Mari tells them that she can handle anything as she is Vixen and a shot of her under the moon concludes the season. In the movie, an extra bonus scene sees her saving a woman that was being robbed her purse by a thief. As she arrives to save her, she says "I am Vixen" upon making her entrance, to which she then wonders if the tone she used was good enough, which leads her to repeat "I am Vixen" over and over again in different tones.
  • Slight differences between the dramatic conclusions of episodes, that they get rid of in the movie to conserve its fluency.
  • Minor bonus scenes helping in understanding certain turn of events, such as when Jones steals the Fire Totem from the Detroit Museum of Natural History.
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