For Amaya Jiwe's suit, see Vixen suit (Amaya Jiwe).

The Vixen suits are the protective suits Mari and Kuasa wear as the vigilante Vixen.


Original timeline

Mari McCabe began wearing the first version of her suit sometime after defeating Kuasa, the suit was black all over with a gold/orange design going down from the chest to the stomach with a line going along the waist and double lines on the rib cage and the thighs.

After defeating a group of international smugglers Mari would redesign her suit. The second version of her suit was more updated, this one had sleeves that had a split on the shoulders and had yellow outlines of bars on the arms and the ribs.

Current timeline

As a result of the Legends' machinations in Zambesi in 1992 that saved the village in order to free Mallus, Mari and Kuasa grew up to become the defenders of their village. The two sisters happily shared the mantle of Vixen, as well as the Anansi Totem.[1]


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