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WEBG is a television station broadcasting in Star City. WEBG coverage includes news and breaking events of interest to residents of the city. Their broadcast signal is Channel 7.


In 2007, WEBG covered the disappearance of the Queen's Gambit and presumed death of its passengers, including Robert and Oliver Queen.[1]

In late 2012, WEBG reported the news that Oliver had been rescued from a deserted island five years after his disappearance.[2]

A week later, WEBG reported Marcus Redmond's encounter with the Starling City vigilante, The Hood, from the previous night.

WEBG reported that Martin Somers denied allegations of murdering Victor Nocenti. The next day though, the channel covered Somers' arrest for Victor's murder, as well as accepting bribes from the Chinese Triad.[3]

WEBG did a report on Carl Rasmussen's murder and its possible connection to that of James Holder's.[4]

WEBG covered Peter Declan's impending execution for allegedly murdering his wife, Camille. However, after Jason Brodeur's crimes, including orchestrating Camille's murder, were exposed, WEBG reported his arrest, Brodeur Chemical coming under investigation for toxic waste dumping, new details regarding Camille's death, and Peter's exoneration.[5]

WEBG reported Oliver's arrest on suspicion of being The Hood.[6]

Around Christmas, WEBG broadcasted police commissioner Brian Nudocerdo's (false) statement that The Hood was responsible for a recent string of murders and message to the citizens of Starling City to aid the authorities in arresting him.

The next night, WEBG did a coverage of a hostage crisis where the Dark Archer kidnapped five people and threatened to kill them unless the Hood gave himself up.[7]

WEBG reported Moira Queen's encounter with the Hood during his attack on Queen Consolidated.[8]

WEBG covered the aftermath of John Nickel's hearing, in which he wasn't indicted over one of his residences burning down.

Later, the channel broadcasted the live feed of Joseph Falk/The Savior's attempted execution of Roy Harper and the Hood intervening.[9]

During the Vertigo epidemic in the city, WBEG reported that the drug's creator, "The Count", allegedly escaped from the Starling County Institute of Mental Health.[10]

WEBG reported the murders of Eric and Nancy Moore.[11]

In October 2015, WEBG broadcasted the increasing chaos in the recently renamed Star City since the murders of the city's leadership committee.[12]



Behind the scenes[]

  • The television news channel shown in the pilot episode of Gotham also has the call letters WEBG.