WIXA 7 is a television news station broadcasting in the United States.


WIXA ran a segment on The 100 shooting and the protest which resulted in injuries and death.[1] They later had Reverend Jeremiah Holt on to speak about Black Lightning.[2] WIXA 7 reported on the murder of Jamal Allen Brown, and also when Black Lightning helped to prevent mass injuries at a protest against The 100.[3]

After Khalil Payne was injured, WIXA 7 commented on his paralysis.[4] The program reported on a white nationalist driving into a crowd of protesters, leading to the death of Katie Smith.[5] It also reported on a tech robbery from Pax Institute, in which the robbers were gunned down, as well as the death of Evelyn Stillwater-Ferguson.[6]

Following the murder of Lady Eve, the program interviewed a number of citizens on their opinions of Black Lightning.[7]

WIXA 7 broadcast after Principal Jefferson Pierce was arrested at Garfield High School, getting a number of civilian opinions on the matter, and subsequently when he was exonerated for his purported crimes. They also reported when Thunder and "Black Lightning" ran through the streets of Freeland in pursuit of a van.[8]

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