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Wade Brixton was a guidance counselor at New Gotham High School and the boyfriend of Barbara Gordon.


Starting a new job as the guidance counselor at New Gotham High School, Wade introduced himself to English teacher Barbara Gordon, asking her out on a date.[1] Assuming Barbara had forgotten, he re-approached her, and they realized that they'd assumed the same thing about the other. With Barbara mentioning how busy she'd been, Wade promised to be the one to organize the date. He planned a dinner date in the park, where Barbara joined him that Friday night. Their date was interrupted, however, by an emergency on Barbara's part. After school on Monday, Wade found that Barbara had re-created their date in her classroom, much to his delighted surprise.[2]

With his parents coming through town, Wade invited Barbara to join them for dinner. Despite her apprehension, he assured her it would be fine, though his mother spent the dinner telling Wade that she was not good enough due to her paraplegia.[3]

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When visiting the Clocktower after planning a vacation for him and Barbara, Wade had found Barbara still working there, In which she confessed that she was a vigilante working with Helena and Dinah to help protect Gotham. While shocked of this, he eventually reconciled with Barbara after her battle with Clayface, with them staying together afterwards.[4]

Wade was later killed by Harleen Quinzel.[5]


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