Wade DeForge was the regional head of ASIS and the half-brother of the late Billy Wintergreen.


DeForge had sent Slade and Wintergreen on the fateful mission that resulted in them going to Lian Yu, Billy betraying Slade, Slade being forced to kill Wintergreen, and getting injected with the Mirakuru. Later, when Slade returns from the island, he abuses government resources to learn about Oliver Queen, with whom he is obsessed with due to the Mirakuru affecting his mind. DeForge discovers this, along with Slade's killing of Wintergreen, and confronts him in his home just as Slade finds out Oliver is alive and well, causing Slade to lose control and kill DeForge, along with his wife, Adeline, and son, Joe.[1]



Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Wade DeFarge is Slade Wilson's half brother and the third Ravager. He was killed by Rose Wilson in Teen Titans #1/2.


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