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"Waiting for the Man" is the thirteenth and final episode of Constantine. It aired on February 13, 2015.



The Man

The Man.

A man in the middle of the night walked into a room where three girls, Caroline, Amberly and Waynett, were sleeping, who he had ordered to get ready for his grand wedding. Vesta Whitney, who ran away from her mother, was wandering near his house. She was accosted by an older homeless man who told her about death. After a while, three girls chased the man away, showing the grace of the found. The girls started talking about the wedding saying that only "He" could set her free. Each of them was married to him, which interested Vesta, who had always been thinking about getting married. She agreed to go with the girls she met and marry a mysterious person, being delighted with what her peers said about the future with "Him". The "man" watched from a distance from the car, which was accosted by the security of a nearby object. In order not to show himself, he told him that his battery was dead and he could not move on. The bodyguard decided to help, but after a while he was stunned by a man.

Meanwhile, at a nearby bar, John Constantine and Zed met with Detective Corrigan, who showed pictures of his dead partner - Clement Dupree, who had been mummified. There was also a strange symbol on his body, so the team decided to check the grave of the deceased. On the spot, it turned out that he was investigating the case of the disappearance of three girls of the same age and linked it all to the theory of the Blood Moon Tetrad. The symbol itself was used to stigmatize witches in the 12th century, meaning the girls were abducted by a Satanist. He needed each of them until one of the full moons, thus making sacrifices to renew the new cycle. Corrigan got a call from the police station where he found out about another kidnapping. Meanwhile, the conversation between Zed and John was interrupted by the sudden awakening of a pulled-out corpse, into which Gary Lester had entered, alerting his friend of a designated reward for his head. At the same time, "He" began stigmatizing a previously stunned bodyguard, and added to the torture set with the symbol that had marked the previous victims.

Jim and Zed kiss

Jim and Zed kiss.

Papa Midnite was interested in the bounty offered for Constantine's head, so he used one of his men who murdered his wife into a ritual that turned him into an obedient zombie. He could control him from a distance and see through his eyes, his sole purpose was to get rid of the exorcist. Vesta woke up in an empty room in a strange apartment and, terrified, walking around the rooms, tried to understand what had happened. After a while, she again met three girls who were trying to calm her down in a strange way and promised to help her prepare for the wedding. When she noticed the smell in the house, the girls got upset, but announced that after the wedding she would not smell anything. Meanwhile, the occultists and a detective visited the missing mother's mother, who told about their last quarrel. The three decided to investigate the matter in her room, where Zed could not see anything in the vision due to her confusion. For this reason, she went downstairs to the girl's mother, whose body was taken over by Manny. The angel saw the inner dilemma of the woman about revealing the truth to Corrigan, so the latter admitted that she is so much easier than angelic beings, that she has a choice and no rules.

After these words, Zed returned upstairs to John, who decided to use a special ritual to find out where Vesta was. However, it mainly consisted of an electric shock, which Jim and Martin did not like, but they achieved their goal, knowing about the last whereabouts of the girl. They made their way quickly to the spot where Constantine noticed they were being watched. As expected, they were attacked by Pap Midnite's voodoo zombie, whom Corrigan had shot at the last moment. Consequently, the voodoo priest decided to send a raven that would be his eyes. John knew time was running out, so he asked Zed to focus her thoughts and help them with her abilities. Thus, the woman obtained the address to which they immediately went. At the scene, they found the crucified body of a security guard, which was sealed with the same symbol as the previous victims. The exorcist knew that something was up, so he ordered his friends to flee, promising to call back soon. As expected, Papa Midnite attacked him shortly after, successfully hitting him from the As Winchester's bullet. After a while it turned out that Constantine had faked his own death using the body of a bodyguard and a camouflage spell. Thus, he managed to stun his opponent and take his weapon from him.

At the same time, "The Man" returned home, where Vesta, dressed in a wedding dress, was waiting for him. The girl was surprised and horrified by the whole affair, and her fears intensified when he took her to the devil's altar. Consequently, she began to run away. John immediately went to the house where the girl was probably being held. There, he discovered the bodies of the three remaining victims whose ghosts Vesta had seen. After a while, he met Corrigan and Martin, with whom he began searching for the child and the torturer. After finding her, Zed took the girl to a safe place, and John and Jim took care of the criminal. The detective initially planned to hand him over to the police,



when an exorcist explained to him about the atrocities he had committed. For he did not want him to spend only a few years in prison for everything he had done and to be released again, so Jim released him, ordered him to flee and shot him, ending his miserable life. After that, Vesta returned to her mother, and Corrigan spent time with Martin in the bar, where he found out about his future, but decided to make up with her nonetheless by kissing the woman. John himself met Manny outside, to whom he told him that day after day he faced evil, but today was a real hell for him. He did not fight a demon, a monster from the abyss, but a man - extremely dangerous. At the same time, he assured the angel that he would not run away from the battlefield after all, because he only played when he was sure he would win.

Meanwhile, Papa Midnite was being rushed to the police station when time stood still around him. He got out of the police car when he saw Manny breaking it down. Manny informed him that he is cancelling the contract on John Constantine, rendering him inviolable. The voodoo priest didn't understand who he was dealing with, so the angel introduced himself as the being Brujería serves. At the same time, Immediately after that, Manny spread his wings and flew away, leaving the terrified priest in the street.


  • Due to poor ratings, this is the final episode of the series. An online petition, which received upwards of 50,000 signatures was started to encourage other networks to pick up the series, to no avail. There is however, a script online, by the show's creator, for a 14th episode.
  • The episode is largely based on the 1988 comic Hellblazer #4, which shares the same title; in the comic, the girl who goes missing is Gemma Masters, Constantine's niece, whose parents, Tony and Cheryl Masters, are members of the Resurrection Crusade. Constantine's sister Cheryl is mentioned, though she went unnamed, in "Rage of Caliban".
  • The branding iron the man is heating up is called the sigil of Lucifer.
  • The address where the murdered security guard was found "4 Delano St" is a double reference, to Hellblazer #4, where the story came from, and Jamie Delano, who wrote the original story.
  • This episode reveals that the Brujeria is working for Manny, who is their leader, to bring down the Rising Darkness and unite Hell and Earth into a single dimension.
  • The episode is derived from The Velvet Underground song "I'm Waiting for the Man".