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"I have awoken."

"Wake Up" is the seventh episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the forty-ninth episode overall. It aired on November 20, 2017.




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"Wake Up" starts with a couple of individuals in a submarine-type machine. They're close to the National City waterfront examining the smashed spaceship we saw earlier in the season. As they approach it, a light flash hits them.

Samantha is preparing supper for Ruby when she gets a thought — she looks down at the pot of boiling water. Sooner rather than later, she lowers her hand into the water and doesn't find her hand burning. She arranges for Ruby to go eat at her friend's house.

At the DEO, Kara tells Winn to investigate the ship at the waterfront. He says it's been there for 12,000 years and it was made with metal that is not on the periodic table. Kara, Winn, and J'onn go examine the boat and J'onn phases the gathering inside the ship.

They look around inside the ship and are shot at. At the point when the aggressor ventures into the light, we see that it's Mon-El — he and Kara gasp.

The gathering takes Mon-El back to the DEO to run indicative tests and discover that he's ready to inhale Earth's air now. Addressing him, Mon-El uncovers the others in the chambers on the boat are "like him," travelers on the boat.

The room clears and Mon-El and Kara have a speedy talk. Mon-El discloses to her he's been attempting to make an impression on her for seven months.

Samantha drives to a house where a lady named Patricia opens the entryway. After a discussion, we discover Patricia is Samantha's adoptive mother — she kicked Samantha out of the house when she got pregnant with Ruby. Samantha questions her mom if she showed indications of superpowers when she was growing up. Samantha asks Patricia for more information about her birth mother and discloses to Patricia how she got shot but wasn't injured.

Patricia takes Samantha to a horse shelter on the habitation and shows her the pod she used to travel to Earth in. Patricia uncovers she didn't adopt Samantha, she found her in the pod. While inspecting the ship, it activates once Samantha touches it.

James shows up to the DEO to converse with Kara about Mon-El's return. She admits to James that Mon-El's been a little distant since he returned.

Samantha is packing her bags to go on a trip without anyone else. She discloses to Ruby that she needs to do it without anyone else and reveals to her she'll forget about cash for take since the sitter's cooking is abominable.

Alex advises J'onn to go be with his father and show him the sights around National City, her and Winn will keep observing the submerged ship. After getting espresso, J'onn and M'yrnn get into an argument and M'yrnn strolls off.

Back at the DEO, a careful Mon-El studies his environmental factors before unfastening himself from the hardware to sneak about. He's ready to discover a type of weapons room, and stifles out a DEO operator before being knocked out himself by Kara.

Mon-El wakes up and Kara puts him in on of the DEO holding cells. She ask what he was up to however can't get any information out of him.

Samantha is driving through a desert, she turns on a dirt road and stops to discover her vehicle is overheating.

It's Winn's chance to converse with Mon-El. Winn approaches him about the alien ship and Mon-El consoles him there's a great deal of stuff he wouldn't comprehend. Mon-El requests Winn's assistance to return to the boat, revealing to him individuals — Kara included — will get injured in the event that he isn't reclaimed to the boat.

Kara strolls in to the holding chamber to see Mon-El is not in is his cell.

Wnn and Mon-El are back on the boat, utilizing the thing Mon-El recuperated in the safe room at the DEO. They pivot Kara to discover Kara on their boat. Kara and Mon-El get into a battle, when Mon-El uncovers he's been away for a long time. At the point when he propelled into space toward the finish of last season, he was sucked through a wormhole and lived in the 31st century for a long time before having the option to return.

The cases on the boat start flopping advertisement one of Mon-El's partners starts suffocating in the case. Kara's ready to step in, break the glass, and salvage the lady in the unit. Mon-El calls her Imra.

With her vehicle stalled, Samantha's strolling through the desert with expectations of discover help when the ground begins shaken and shakes begin jutting starting from the earliest stage. At the point when complete, the stones structure a post.

Mon-El, Winn, and Kara take Imra back to the DEO to screen her vitals.

J'onn takes M'yrnn to his loft and discusses his time on Earth. J'onn requests that his dad move into the condo with him, saying they could make it their new home.

Mon-El is agonizing over National City on an overhang when Kara approaches him. Before she's ready to state anything, Mon-El apologizes. They two are talking and Mon-El is going to reveal to Kara something when Imra awakens. Mon-El races to her and they kiss, a lot to the astonishment of Kara. Mon-El discloses to Kara that Imra is his better half.

Samantha enters the post and uses the precious stone she took from her case to put into an entire inside the stronghold. When she does as such, a multi dimensional image opens up and clarifies that Samantha is Kryptonian. The 3D image clarifies that Samantha's motivation is to be an "agent of Justice" and calls her a world-executioner. Samantha is cautioned that she'll before long disregard her little girl Ruby and reveal to her it's the ideal opportunity for her to become Reign. Samantha pairs over in torment and when she returns to her feet, her eyes glow red and she says, "I have awoken" in Kryptonese.




  • Kara prepares to make a hole in the ground, having previously seen Clark do it, referencing the 1978 film Superman in which the titular character spins around and makes a hole in concrete.
  • The scene where Samantha Arias goes on a pilgrimage and her crystal creates the Fortress of Sanctuary is very similar to when Clark Kent goes on a journey and creates the Fortress of Solitude in 1978's Superman.
  • Mon-El says, "grife", which in the comic books is an expletive used in the 31st Century by members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • Mon-El mentions that the cure for his lead poisoning was developed by L-Corp, implicitly tying into Lena's situation in "Damage".
  • The symbols on the monitor of spaceship are in Interlac, the futuristic alphabet of the 30th century that was first introduced in Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 2. The status readouts for the hypersleep tubes are numbered from left to right, 1, 4, 3, then the Legion symbol for Saturn Girl, followed by 6 and 7. Other discernible words on the readout are "occupied", "vacant", and "EKG".
  • When explaining how he was lost in time, Mon-El mentions the name "Querl", referencing Querl Dox, aka Brainiac 5, who would first appear in a later episode.


  • When Samantha is looking at a pot of boiling water, an open jar of pasta is seen next to it. In the next shot though, the jar disappears and Sam retrieves it, unopened, from a counter behind her.
    • When Sam puts the open jar down next to the pot, it is in the same position as the beginning, indicating the shots were mixed up.
  • It is stated that Mon-El was revived by the attack on the waterfront in "Girl of Steel". However, "The Faithful" showed him being revived by the underground explosion of the BetaHedron.
  • When Sam removes the cloth covering her pod, there should have been a cloud of dust accumulated over decades.
  • As Sam is driving into the desert (around 24 minutes), the road seen from her point of view is in good shape with white fog lines at the road's edges. However, the road as seen from the air is somewhat dilapidated and has no white fog lines.