"I have awoken."
"Wake Up" is the seventh episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the forty-ninth episode overall. It aired on November 20, 2017.


When Winn and the team discover an alien ship has crash landed deep underwater beneath National City, Kara/Supergirl is called in to investigate. Meanwhile, J'onn attempts to bond with his father, M'yrnn. Samantha, eager for some understanding of the changes she has been experiencing, looks to her estranged mother, Patricia Arias, for answers.[src]


  • Kara prepares to make a hole in the ground, having previously seen Clark do it, referencing the 1978 film Superman in which the titular character spins around and makes a hole in concrete.
  • The scene where Samantha Arias goes on a pilgrimage and her crystal creates the Fortress of Sanctuary is very similar to when Clark Kent goes on a journey and creates the Fortress of Solitude in Superman.


  • When Samantha is looking at a pot of boiling water, a jar of pasta is seen next to it. In the next shot though, the jar disappears and Samantha retrieves it from a counter behind her.
  • It is stated that Mon-El was revived by the attack on the waterfront in "Girl of Steel". However, "The Faithful" showed him being revived by the underground explosion of the BetaHedron.


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