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"You need me, and I'll come running."
—Wally West to Joe West[src]

Wallace F. "Wally" West[1] (born 1995/1996)[2] is the son of Joe West and the late Francine West, and the younger brother of Iris West-Allen. He was born after Francine had separated with Joe, having left him and Iris, so he was brought up without his father or sister. Wally was a champion drag-racer under the alias "Taillights". When his mother reunited with her family before dying, Wally eventually met Joe, Iris, Joe's foster son Barry Allen, and the rest of Team Flash, and soon became a member of the group.

In the alternate timeline known as Flashpoint, Wally was the meta-human speedster known prominently as The Flash. As the protector of Central City, he fought against his archenemy The Rival. He later regained his speed in the post-Flashpoint timeline, donning the name Kid Flash, which is also how he was nicknamed by his friends and some members of the media in the Flashpoint timeline. After defeating and detaining the criminal known as Plunder, he was embraced by Central City and officially became known as Kid Flash to all. He was tricked by Savitar via hallucinations to open a portal into the Speed Force, getting trapped in the Speed Force to replace him. He was later rescued by Barry Allen and Jay Garrick, who in turn took his place. He assisted Barry and Jay in the final battle against Savitar, successfully saving Iris. He became the boyfriend of Jesse Wells, only to be dumped after she became too busy on Earth-2.

After Barry entered the Speed Force in order to stabilize it, Wally took over as the Flash of Earth-1. Once Barry returned, Wally returned to sharing the spotlight with him. After discovering that Jesse was breaking up with him and that the team was better off without him, he decided to leave Central City for a time in order to focus on himself. He returned three weeks later for Barry and Iris's wedding, but later continued his soul-searching journey. He eventually ended up at a monastery in China, where he was recruited by Rip Hunter to join the Legends in their battle against Mallus. After the Legends succeeded, Wally decided to stick around and stay with the Legends for the foreseeable future. However, he returned to celebrate the defeat of The Thinker and the birth of his half-sister, also meeting his future niece. At some point after that, he left the Legends to go soul-searching again.

Joining the Peace Corps and a Buddhist culture in Asia, Wally developed his connection with the Speed Force and trained to use it in new ways. In early 2020, he returned to Central City after the Crisis to visit his family, but also to warn Barry that his actions in Crisis had caused the Speed Force to start growing weak and dying.


Original multiverse

Early life

Francine West gave birth to Wally eight months after leaving her family.[2] Francine and Wally lived in Keystone City, where growing up the Francine did not make a lot of money to buy Wally gifts like toys as a however she made up for this by taking Wally on long drives. These experiences gave Wally a love for automobiles. When Francine became sick Wally started participating in street races and gained a reputation as a winner. Other racers stopped wanting to face him, so he started racing in Central City in order to pay for his mother's medical bills due to her being sick.[3]

Visiting his father and sister

During a Christmas party in 2015, Wally stopped by to visit Joe and Iris, meeting them for the first time. He realized they had company and apologized for the timing, but was invited into their home.[4]

The West family.

Iris and Joe showed Wally around the Central City Police Department earlier before their plans to have dinner that night, where it became evident that Wally held bitter resentment towards Joe for not being in his life. However, Wally stood Joe up and was later found by Joe participating in a street race, which he won. Wally told him that he has been doing street races in order to pay for his mother's medical bills, as he had had to be the man of his household all of his life due to Joe's absence. Joe offered to dip into his bank account to help Wally, but he angrily rebuffed the offer. Later that day, he visited Joe and reassured him that an apology wasn't coming, before letting him know he was returning to Keystone City. Joe apologized for trying to push the "father-son thing" so hard before they sat down to a meal of Chinese food.[3]

When Francine's state worsened and was about to die, she told Iris she would like Wally to visit her so she could see their whole family together. Iris went to see Wally to talk about her and he said he was angry because his mother never told him he had a father and a sister. Iris mentioned she never had the opportunity to say goodbye to her fiancé before he died and told Wally he should go see his mother while he still could. Wally decided to follow her advice and asked Iris to go see Francine with him.[5]

Francine died soon after and Wally grew closer to Joe and Iris as a result. Iris started to worry about the dangers of Wally's street races and complained that Joe was acting more like a "buddy" rather than like a father to Wally, though Joe explained that he wanted to give Wally some space and not be strict with him to avoid jeopardizing their relationship. Iris attempted to talk some sense into Wally and even threatened to publish an article about street racing. She and Joe were at one of the races when a meta-human able to merge with asphalt attacked one of the racers. Wally was saved by The Flash, but Iris was injured by a glass shard and had to be taken to the hospital. Wally visited her there and Joe had a serious conversation with him, saying that they were worried about him because they were his family and that he should have treated Wally as a son instead of a friend. Wally decided to stay with Iris at the hospital and told her he liked street racing because it reminded him of the times when his mother would take him for a drive, which is why he did not want to stop racing.[6]

Wally visited Joe at the Police Department to tell him something. The detective was surprised by his son's visit as they had no appointment. As soon as the boy wanted to say something, a block from the headquarters, the Geomancer began to rage causing earthquakes. This forced Joe to leave Wally alone, having to stop a dangerous meta-human.[7]

Joe attempted to help Wally and Barry bond by having him help Wally on a technical project to enter college. Wally became annoyed with Barry's revisions to his project and after being questioned by Barry if he had a problem with him, Wally revealed his jealousy over Barry's perfect life, getting to be raised in Joe's home and being bragged about so much by Iris and Joe, but they are interrupted by King Shark ripping the roof of the West home open in search of The Flash. When Barry stumbles back down the stairs after fighting King Shark and to cover his tracks as The Flash, Wally calls him a coward for hiding during the attack and leaves when Joe stops the altercation. While at CC Jitters, Joe tells Wally about Barry's mother being murdered when he was eleven and his father being wrongfully accused of her murder and that he had given Barry all the love and care he deserved and that while Barry is flawed, the reason they brag about him so much is because it could have been worse and that he is loved just as much as Wally and is also his son too.[8]

Moving in

Wally, along with Iris, met Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco at the bar. The young man noticed a new girl with them - Jesse. After a short conversation, the new friend went to the bathroom, leaving Wally alone. A few days later, the young man was eating dinner with his family and was talking about a project he is currently working on with his adviser. Speaking of him, he mentioned that he had to read the journals of people like Enzo Ferrari and Ferdinand Porsche because he couldn't meet them, but he needed their knowledge of speed. These words resulted in some idea in Barry, who left without touching the food and thanking Wally for the "key to the case" he is working on.[9]

Zoom kidnapped Wally West.

At a later night, Wally came over to see Joe and watch Formula 1, and to do some laundry. He told Joe and Barry that he had moved out of his campus because the rent became too expensive. Joe offered to pay for some of it, but Wally claimed it was fine. Later when watching the Formula 1, Harry came over and wanted to speak to Joe, Wally claimed he looked like Harrison Wells, but Harry denied being him and Wally left.[10] The next day, Wally came back and Joe offered him a place in his house, which Wally quickly accepted. Later, Zoom raided the house and took Wally to his base on Earth-2, who claimed the only person able to help him, is The Flash. After The Flash struck a deal with Zoom, Wally was taken back to Earth-1, and taken away from Zoom.[11]

After being saved by the Flash, when the Flash traded his powers for Wally's life, Wally was inspired by the Flash's sacrifice and figured out that Joe had a way to contact the Flash from what Zoom told him while he was in captivity. Wally asked Joe if he could arrange a meeting with the Flash so that he could thank him. Later on during a night, Joe brought Wally to the rooftop so that Wally could thank the Flash for saving him in person.[12]

When Zoom reappeared on Earth-1 to instill fear into the CCPD, Joe and Harry had both of their children (Wally West and Jesse Wells) kept safe in the Time Vault at S.T.A.R. Labs since they were both kidnapped by Zoom before. Wally and Jesse quickly bonded during their time in the vault. While Wally was trying to break out of the Time Vault, Jesse stated the improbability of the wall just opening for him. Wally said that they should be outside trying to help the team rather than just hiding. Jesse, feeling hopeless, saw no way that they could actually be of use. Wally rekindled that hope by saying that she was smart enough to solve an unsolvable problem. Convinced, Jesse said that she will try to see what she could do. Later on, they were able to break out of the Time Vault just in time for an earthquake caused by the experiment to restore Barry's powers. Seeking the cause, Wally and Jesse went into the halls to investigate only to be blasted by a wave of dark matter energy from Barry's apparent death when he seemingly exploded by the attempt to restore his powers. They were both knocked out by the wave of energy.[13]

Joe and Harry found the two of them moments later, while Wally quickly responded, Jesse's heart momentarily stopped. Joe left and Iris mentioned that Barry ‘was gone,’ and the two left for home. That night, Joe was suspicious Wally was a Speedster due to Barry's energy hitting him, to test this, he dropped a coffee mug, though Wally didn't respond. After hearing a car alarm go off, he was told to leave.[14]

Wally resuce Flash before Black Siren.

Wally went out to fight meta-humans during the Metapocalypse and in doing so, found himself cornered by a man emitting a purple aura. However, he was saved by Joe. Later, Wally rescued Barry from Black Siren by ramming into her with his car and then driving away quickly with Barry in tow.[15]

After Zoom killed Henry Allen and threatened Barry to race him, Wally and the team locked Barry up to keep him safe while they went to trap Zoom on Earth-2. However, the plan goes sideways and Zoom captures Joe. Desperate to save his father, Wally goes to Barry and sets him free. After Barry succeeds in defeating Zolomon, Wally is present when his prisoner is revealed to be the real Jay Garrick, Barry's father's counterpart.[16]


After Barry traveled back in time and saved his mother from Reverse-Flash the timeline was ruptured resulting in Flashpoint.

Wally's earlier life is unknown in this timeline though given that Francine had already moved away and given birth to Wally prior to Nora's murder it can be presumed that Wally still grew up without knowing of Joe or Iris. However, it is shown that Wally does still know them indicating he was introduced at some point, though exactly when is also unknown. While he loved his sister, Iris, he wasn't on good terms with Joe as he was an alcoholic who frequently missed shifts at C.C.P.D., and he and Iris rarely spoke to him.

Wally used to drive illegal cars, and tampered with a nitro formula to get his engine revving faster. One night, Wally was racing in a thunderstorm and his car was struck by lightning and as a result, he fell into a coma for nine months. However, his genetic structure was affected by the formula in conjunction with the lightning that struck his car, turning him into a meta-human speedster with a connection to the Speed Force. When Wally woke from his coma, he discovered his powers and decided to help the people of Central City, abandoning his racing car days. Wally told Iris about his powers and she decided to help him, using her connections as a reporter to give information to Wally to help him find and defeat criminals, calling themselves a brother-sister crime fighting unit. Needing a stable means to carrying out their new crusade, Wally and Iris sought out Cisco Ramon of Ramon Industries. However, Cisco was uninterested and refused to help them, but agreed to make Wally a friction-proof suit so his clothes wouldn't explode at Mach II when he ran, so long as they left him out of their crusade and never returned to Ramon Industries. Reluctant, the siblings agreed. Instead, Wally and Iris settled with a makeshift base in Wally's apartment. Shortly after receiving his suit, Wally began helping the public out as a hero called "The Flash", though was often called "Kid Flash" by Iris and some members of the media.

One day, The Flash saved a child from being run over by a truck and told her to watch for traffic in the future, but complimented the child's skateboard and sped off.

Wally as the Flash in Flashpoint.

When a criminal speedster known as the Rival began terrorizing Central City, Wally faced him numerous times. During an encounter with the Rival, Wally rescued Barry from being hit by lightning which the Rival tossed.

Wally continued his battle with the Rival later on, ultimately coming short and falling inside of a dumpster. He was then unmasked by Barry, who was shocked to find him as The Flash.

The Flash taunts the Rival.

Wally then brought Barry to his base of operations, where he was told he should find a place more secure while Wally explained the origins of his powers. Wally and Iris then explained the two had been working together as a crime fighting unit. When Wally showed his doubts that he could defeat the Rival, Wally, Iris, and Barry looked to Cisco.

At Ramon Industries, Cisco was upset, as Wally had brought a civilian which the former never met, and told him that he worked with the Flash.

The Rival "kills" Wally.

Wally was later brought back to Ramon Industries, where Barry revealed himself to be a speedster as well. After tracking the Rival down at an abandoned sawmill, Wally and Barry ran over. The two planned to flank. After the Rival arrived and challenged one of them to face him first, Wally volunteered. Wally would ultimately come out on top, but was impaled once he turned his back. After Barry defeated the Rival and the latter was shot by Joe, Wally was taken back to Ramon Industries. Unfortunately, Wally's cells weren't regenerating as they should've. As a result, Barry set Eobard free to restore the timeline.[17]


Wally, Joe, and Barry shared drinks, where Wally was confused when Barry embraced him. When Barry asked where Iris was, Joe was upset and Wally reminded Barry that Joe and Iris don't talk to each other.[17]

The next day, while Barry was chasing a criminal, Wally was hanging out with the rest of the team at S.T.A.R. Labs and left the lab with his father upon Flash's return. In the evening the entire team met at the West's house for dinner, as Allen wanted to improve their relationship at all costs, which had not been going well with the recent changes. When the meal started to fall apart, it was interrupted by an attack by some city sprinter, causing everyone to intervene. Hours later, Flash returned to base where he confessed to the team about the changes made over time. However, after much reflection, they decided that they did not want to know what they were like in the previous timeline.[18]

Wally was at S.T.A.R. Labs with the rest of the team when the breach opened outside the lab. The prepared team waited for the enemy to pass, but it turned out that it was Harry Wells with Jesse, who had become a sprinter in recent days. After a short greeting and telling the story, they went to the Speed lab where they wanted to check the girl's achievements. Wally, however, could not understand why he did not receive these powers despite surviving the same accident as her and decided to leave while testing Jesse. Some time later, Joe invited his son to the police station, where, seeing his son's worry, he comforted him that the hero did not have to possess super powers. The boy seemed to understand his words, after which he returned to S.T.A.R. Labs and saw Harry and Jesse arguing. He decided to talk to the girl who ran out of the room. After finding her, he learned how she discovered her powers - through a car racing towards her. Wally decided to do the same and threw himself under the vehicle, but Jesse saved him. As soon as he met his father and Barry after that, he heard only their disappointment, but he did not intend to give up anyway, as he knew that with the powers he could achieve more. While Jesse and Flash tried to beat Magenta, young West hung out at S.T.A.R. Labs.[19]

As The Flash and Jesse Quick were practicing, Wally admired her friend's speed, who was almost as fast as Barry. After a successful training, they both decided to go out into the city and fool around with the girl's abilities. As they stopped downtown, the conversation quickly turned into a kiss, which surprised Wally. He confessed to Jesse that he liked her very much, but she was to return to her Earth soon, so their relationship was pointless. Despite this awkward situation, they both decided to stay friends and went back to their antics. When the girl disobeyed Flash's order and contributed to the imprisonment of the hero in the mirror by the Mirror Master, she blamed herself for everything. Wally, however, made her understand that Barry made mistakes in the beginning, and they could happen to anyone. After a while, young West changed the subject and confessed to the girl that he had previously been afraid of their relationship due to the separation that would follow, but now he was ready for it and kissed Jesse. After the team helped defeat the Mirror Master and Top and then brought the new Harrison Wells to Earth, it's time to say goodbye. Wally, reconciled with the separation from Jesse, let her go, hinting that he would be waiting for her.[20]

Wally was at S.T.A.R. Labs as the team tried to meet the new Harrison. The man at all costs wanted to gain the crew's trust by handing out coffee and preparing a dessert, thinking that they would get to know each other better. When Central City began to terrorize a monster, Wally and his team tried to figure out a way to defeat it. At the same time, they discovered that the new Harrison is not really a scientist, but a writer seeking inspiration.[21]

Wally approaches Alchemy.

Wally then begins to have dreams of Flashpoint induced by Alchemy, and begins to believe that Joe doesn't trust him with having powers much to his annoyance. Wally eventually comes to his senses, realizing that Alchemy can not be trusted and allows himself to remain in the pipeline until Team Flash can deal with him, however, when Wally's visions begin to become painful, he attempts to escape, but is thwarted by Iris. Wally recommends setting a trap for Alchemy and agrees to act as bait. He succeeds in baiting Alchemy and Flash and a SWAT team led by Joe capture him (Alchemy) and his followers. However, Savitar intervenes and frees the acolytes, kills the SWAT team, and pins The Flash down. Alchemy, free of interference, reaches out to Wally urging him to take his powers by touching the Philosopher's Stone which Wally does, entrapping him in a cocoon.[22] Joe frees him from the pod as he is afraid of Wally ending up like Caitlin (who had begun transforming into Killer Frost). However, Wally's mind cannot function on the level his body is moving due to the interruption in his metamorphosis. However, this is quickly resolved by a serum created by Caitlin. Wally tests out his powers in the speed lab and shows that he is faster than when Barry first started. He stopped training and questioned when he can go out with Barry, with Team Flash remarking that he should take things slow.[23]

Wally using his super speed to save Green Arrow and The Flash.

He kept training with the help of Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon, but Iris kept on telling him to slow down and take his time, hiding the fact she didn't want him to use his powers, which only kept angering Wally. When the Dominators landed on Earth, Wally tried his best to help, but Iris wouldn't let him. Later, he began talking to H.R. Wells and asked for him to train him, but H.R turned him down. When Speedy, Heat Wave, Spartan, Supergirl, Firestorm and The Atom were placed under mind control and began attacking S.T.A.R. Labs, Wally realized that Barry and Oliver couldn't take them all at once and despite Iris telling him not to, he decided to stop listening to her and went out anyway, taking out several of the mind controlled heroes. He then called himself by his Flashpoint name 'Kid Flash', though he was shortly knocked out by Supergirl. Later when he had awoken, Iris and Joe were both glad to see he's still alive and H.R approached Wally, seeing his bravery and how serious Wally is and accepted his offer to train him.[24]

Wally presented with the Kid Flash suit.

After days of training, H.R and Wally realized after testing his speed that he was improving faster than Barry had. The team eventually finds out and scold him and H.R for putting Wally's life in danger, H.R. later talks to Joe about Wally's choices and makes him realize what Wally actually wants. Later on when Savitar attacked S.T.A.R. Labs, without thinking twice, Wally went to help Barry despite Joe telling him not to. Along with Barry, he was easily defeated, but Savitar was imprisoned in the Speed Force before any harm could be done. Joe and Iris eventually realized that being a hero is what Wally wanted and later that night at the Christmas party, he was given his own suit, which resembled his one from the Flashpoint timeline.[25]

Becoming Kid Flash

Kid Flash with cheerleaders.

Wally donned the Kid Flash suit and mantle for the first time in this timeline to combat Plunder alongside Barry. Barry revealed he had seen Iris dying in the future, upsetting Wally, but Barry then said that in that future, it had been The Flash who had caught Plunder. Deciding to catch Plunder himself to prove the future could change, Wally eventually succeeded with Barry's help.[26]

Gypsy blasts Wally.

Kid Flash and Flash chased down the Electric Gang and successfully defeated it, receiving cheers of support from nearby cheerleaders. Sometime later, when a meta-human from Earth-19 known as Gypsy attacked Harrison at S.T.A.R. Labs, Wally put on his coveralls and tried to hold back the woman. The latter, however, with its meta-human powers stopped the sprinter, temporarily reducing his kinetic energy to zero. As it turned out, the warrior intended to capture the man, because travel between worlds is forbidden on their Earth. West, not wanting to interfere, decided to train, but Iris interrupted the intense effort and asked her brother for a favor. She was not entirely sure that the team could save her from a future death, however she intended to achieve something by then and become a good reporter. Wally agreed to help, and his job was to get the police papers from his father's desk at the police station. Then they went to the warehouse where the dangerous criminals' weapons were supposed to be stored. The whole action of the siblings led Joe to learn about everything, so young West decided to unload his emotions during training again. The exercises were interrupted by Barry, who noticed significant progress in increasing the youth's speed. He figured they could change Iris's future when Wally tried to beat Savitar.[27]

Kid Flash trained with Flash on the streets of Central City, and despite the youth's confidence, he lost the race by not being able to vibrate with air particles, thus penetrating matter. Soon after, Joe asked his children to meet him, Cecile, and her daughter Joanie at CC Jitters. During it, the girl revealed that she liked Kid Flash very much, which surprised Wally. The joyful conversation was interrupted by meta-man - Clive Yorkin, who was hunting detective West. His intentions were unnoticed by Kid Flash, who rejected the man, thus allowing him to escape. After this incident, Wally trained with Barry how to use his abilities correctly, but the boy couldn't figure it out. When Iris was in danger in her house, the sprinter did not manage to save her sister from a criminal's touch and quickly took her to S.T.A.R. Labs, where he doubted himself and his competences. When much later Wally faced Yorkin again, he canceled his abilities with his blood and then arrested him. After all, in the laboratory, he checked the discovered powers, which he discovered under the tension of Allen, when a portal opened behind him, from which a terrified Jesse Quick ran out. The heroine revealed that her father was kidnapped by Grodd and that he is being held in Gorilla City.[28]

With the rest of the team going to save Harry on Earth-2, Wally stayed on Earth-1 to spend time with Jessie. They decided to be together, though Jesse was still very worried about her father. After Harry was brought back safely, Jessie cheered up and decided to move to Earth-1 to stay with Wally. However, Gorilla Grodd and an army of armored, intelligent gorillas followed the team back from Earth-2 and attacked Central City. Wally and Jesse fought the army together while Barry and Solovar dealt with Grodd. Later, Harry told Wally he was dying in order to manipulate him into leaving Jessie so she could spend time with Harry, but Jessie exposed the lie and Harry went back to Earth-2 alone.[29][30]

Wally is drawn into the Speed Force.

Unfortunately, Wally and Jesse could not spend much time together because a bulkier Savitar started appearing to Wally in hallucinations because of his connection to the Philosopher's Stone, driving him crazy. The hallucination drove Wally to give Savitar the Stone, allowing Savitar to take on his physical form and be fully free from the Speed Force, at the expense of some of his speed, and Wally took his place. Uncontrollably being sucked into a wormhole, Wally screamed for Barry to help him but Barry could do nothing but watch as Wally's costume crumbled away and Wally vanished.[31]

Return from the Speed Force

Eventually, Barry and Jay Garrick succeeded in getting through the Speed Force to reach Wally, who had been experiencing his worst memory (his mother's death) repeatedly for what could have been lifetimes. Jay took Wally's place as the Speed Force's prisoner, and Barry escaped with Wally. Despite his freedom, Wally was deeply scarred by his experience, and remained depressed. This was not helped by Jessie's decision to leave to take Jay's place as the Flash of his world.[32]

When the Music Meister trapped Barry's mind in a musical world and stole his powers, Wally teamed up with Cisco as Vibe and the Martian Manhunter, a hero from Earth-38, to defeat him and save Barry as well as Kara.[33] After Abra Kadabra escaped from custody, Wally teamed up with Barry, Cisco and Gypsy to stop him from time traveling away and capture him.[34]

Wally with the Team Flash.

Wally went to spend time with Jessie for a while, and after he returned, he started telling Barry, Iris, and Joe all about his time with her shortly after Joe made a comment about love which indirectly caused Barry to deduce Savitar's identity, causing Barry to rush out and confront the metallic menace, who confirmed that he was, in fact, the Future Flash. Barry later tells the team, bringing them great surprise.[35]

Savitar breaks Wally's leg.

The team came up with the idea that by wiping Barry's memory they would have a chance to get rid of Savitar, who would also remember nothing. They did so, but the plan failed too much, erasing Allen's memories of who he was. Julian and Cisco tried to fix their mistake, and Allen had to deal with Lucious Coolidge. Due to their "ailment", the team decided to help with this, but to no avail. After some time, Caitlin visited them, who said she would help, fearing for Savitar himself. Together, they restored Barry's memory and tried to convince Snow to stay with them. These words did not help, and the girl went back to Savitar.[36]

Now with a plan to save Iris from Savitar, the team sent Iris with Wally and Joe to Earth-2 to hide out with Harry. Unfortunately, Savitar dressed up as Barry and tricked H.R into telling him where Iris was. Arriving at their location, Savitar immediately battled Wally. Though Wally landed much more blows on the bulkier speedster, he could not hurt him through his armor, and Savitar strongly knocked him down. With Harry and Joe's guns ineffective against his armor as well, Savitar took Iris, though not before briefly unmasking himself to gloat.[37]

Wally felt immensely ashamed that he failed to save Iris, but was amazed when H.R. revealed he took Iris's place in dying at Savitar's hand with his cloaking mechanism from his world. They all attended H.R.'s funeral. Wally disapproved of Barry's idea of trying to get Savitar to become a hero, and was proven right in his suspicion when Savitar set the Philosopher's Stone to explode, destroying S.T.A.R Labs. However, Wally and Barry managed to get everyone out safely. Wally, Barry, and Cisco went out into a forest where Savitar and Killer Frost were for a final confrontation, in which Cisco pulled Jay from the Speed Force.

Together, the three Flashes took down Savitar while Cisco got Caitlin back on their side. However, after Barry refused to take Savitar's life, as H.R.'s paradox would soon kill him anyway, Savitar got up and attempted to backstab Barry. Luckily, Iris arrived and shot Savitar dead with Joe's gun. Afterwards, the team celebrated at the destroyed S.T.A.R Labs, but their rebuilding efforts and celebration were cut short by the Speed Force's raging burst of lightning as the prison was unoccupied, raining chaos and destruction on Central City. Deciding to pay his penance for creating Flashpoint and Savitar, Barry agreed to take Jay's place in the Speed Force prison. Before he left, he told Wally that he would be Central City's Flash from now on.[38]

Team Kid Flash

Wally worked alongside Nate Heywood/Steel in fighting crime in Central City.[39]

In the months after Barry's sacrifice, Wally and Cisco fought crime on the streets as Kid Flash and Vibe while Iris played the role of tech support at the rebuilt and remodeled S.T.A.R Labs, and Joe led the police. After recapturing Peek-a-boo, Wally and Cisco were faced by a stern wake-up call from Iris that they should act mature because the city had no one else to defend it and they were catching only 2 out of every 3 criminals. Cisco and Wally were then faced by a Samuroid, to whom Wally spoke in Japanese, stunning Cisco. However, the Samuroid spoke English, and ordered that the Flash return or he would destroy the city. To prove his point, he released a burst of energy from his katana and blew Wally and Cisco away.[40]

Desperate to save the city, Wally, Cisco, Joe, and Caitlin attempted to free Barry, but failed, earning another scolding from Iris. However, Barry appeared elsewhere, nude, glowing, and with a beard. The police brought him in and the team was ecstatic, only to find out Barry was driven mad and could not communicate with them. Wally decided to take it upon himself to stop the Samuroid and took up the mantle of The Flash before running out to confront the mechanical menace. Though he had the upper hand at first, Wally was defeated by the droid's powerful katana, which it stabbed through the back of the suit to lift Wally up humiliatingly, ripping the suit. The Samuroid then impaled his leg with a blade and left.

Samuroid catch Kid Flash in The Flash suit.

Wally was incapacitated, as the injury would take five hours to heal (and an amputation if he wasn't a speedster) so Iris let the Samuroid capture her, having faith that Barry seeing her in danger would snap out of his insanity. She was correct, and Barry raced out to save her, taking the new suit Cisco had designed for him. Wally was amazed at the speed at which Barry was running, admitting even he had never run that fast. Cisco informed him no one had ever run that fast. After Barry rescued Iris and destroyed the Samuroid, Wally welcomed him to "Team Kid Flash", a name that everyone else immediately rejected.

Leaving for Blue Valley

Wally with the Break-Up Cube.

When Wally was waiting for Jessie to arrive from Earth-2, her father Harry Wells has arrived in her stead. He gave Wally a break-up cube which ended up malfunctioning. Harry then explained that Jesse was breaking up with Wally, which took him through a loop, in which Wally decided to venture to Earth-2 and talk to Jesse. After their talk, he realized that they both needed to explore their lives, he decided to return to Earth-1 where he discovered that the team didn't notice he was gone. Wally then decided to go live together with his friends at Blue Valley and said goodbye to his friends and family.[41] During his time at Blue Valley, Wally encountered a starfish from outer space and fought it.[42]

Crisis on Earth-X

Wally catches an arrow from Dark Arrow.

Wally attended the premarital gathering and the wedding of Barry and Iris. When it was attacked by the Nazis from Earth-X, he joined the rest of the heroes in their efforts, getting many of the people present out of the church and using his speed to deflect SS militants' bullets. After the victory Barry asked Wally to take Joe and Cecile away from Central City. Wally wasn't happy to leave the other heroes, but agreed to do it.[43] Wally tried to make it to Joe West's Christmas party, but couldn't, as he was on a trip to Cambodia.[44]

Recruited by Rip Hunter

Wally in Yunnan, China.

Wally was meditating in the Yunnan Providence of China when he was approached by a mysterious man in a suit who introduced himself as Rip Hunter - a fugitive from the Time Bureau. He said he knew West and was quite difficult to find, paying attention to the knowledge of the boy's meta-genes. Immediately afterwards, he revealed that he needed his help to save the universe.[39][45] Wally understood that Rip was familiar to the Legends, but he was in no rush to help, as he still did not know his own place. Upon meeting someone new, the men began to discuss their drinking mistakes, and decided to steal Agent Green's phone and a time courier, and steal Rip's coat from the Time Bureau. With this, they moved to Tokyo in 1992 to a karaoke bar, where they began singing. Thanks to the sprinter's metabolism, Wally woke up without a hangover, unlike Rip, who, after a short conversation, offered the hero a place for outcasts like him - a place on the Waverider.[46]

Joining the Legends

He and Rip used the time courier to take them aboard the Waverider where he was reunited with Sara Lance and Nate Heywood. He also met Ava Sharpe who wasn't too happy with them after their stunt with Gary but he told them that they had to do that to try and defeat Mullus. He and Rip also learned that Ray Palmer had been kidnapped by Damien and Nora Darhk. Despite some hostilities still between the Legends, Ava and Rip, they decided to work together. When Amaya Jiwe suggested that they use meditation to find her totem and the Darhks, Wally offered her his help due to him already having experience with meditation due to his time in China. He prepared some incense to help soothe and calm Amaya and Zari Tomaz. Amaya then asked him how he knew Nate and he told them all about how he was helping him through a breakup that he suffered from some girl on his birthday. Amaya then revealed that she was that girl, and he then wished them luck before he sped away.

Wally with the Legends.

When the Waverider suffered a time quake that pointed them to the Berlin Wall, they saw that they located Ray. Wally also saw who something was happening to the temporal zone and Rip told him that it was the fabric of time being unraveled. When they arrived in East Berlin, Wally then sped off to rescue Ray and speed him back to the ship. Once there, Wally revealed that he had also stolen the Fire Totem from Damien Darhk's pocket. When Rip had been re-instated with the Time Bureau, Wally was going to go off with him but Sara convinced him that he would be better off staying with the Legends, which Rip revealed that he was hoping he would.[47]

The Totems of Zambesi

Zari had taken to showing Wally around the ship and explained Ray's chore wheel to him but Wally went and used his speed to quickly do everyone's chores in an instant. She then took him off to her room and told him that they would be bunking together until they had moved his things into Stein's old room but Wally had sped off and moved his stuff into the room as he didn't want to 'bother anyone' with helping him move in. Zari was growing annoyed with him and that only grew when she saw that Wally had gone and beaten her top scores in Mx. Pac Man. She told him that he better not have ruined her Guitar Hero scores but they both saw that it had been changed to Trombone Hero. They went to the bridge to find that time had been altered in Memphis 1954, with the elimination of Rock music due to Elvis Presley being institutionalized.[1]

They then went off to 1954 and went to the church where Elvis' uncle was the pastor and quickly found him as a teenager. When Elvis tried to play a hymn for the service, Wally jumped when he saw Zari starting to float into the air as her totem reacted to something. The pastor and all the other people in the church started to get hostile with them and they quickly left where Zari revealed that Elvis had a totem on his guitar that caused hers to react. When Sara told them that they had to get it away from Elvis, Wally quickly sped off, stole it and brought it back to the ship in seconds. However, the totem on the guitar started to glow and a ghost appeared, causing the guitar to fly off, out of control. Wally tried to stop it but it went and dragged him all over the ship. It was then revealed that the ghost was Elvis' twin brother Jesse and that the totem on the guitar was the Death Totem.

Nate, Amaya and Elvis had been arrested and his uncle had confiscated the demo that he recorded and Nate told them that they had to get it to the radio station to keep the history of rock music on track. Wally and Zari went off to go and get it back but Wally tried to remind Zari that he could speed off and get it back in no time. Zari then told Wally that this wasn't the same as in Central City where he could just run in with his speed and save the day. She told him that with history he had to slow down and talk with people and find out what they need, like a normal human being. He and Zari went to the church where they found Elvis' uncle and told him that he had to give the demo back. His uncle was convinced that rock music was corrupting his nephew and his town, but Wally told him that what he was really afraid of was losing his nephew. He told him of his own situation with him and his father arriving late into each other's lives but they were able to find something to tie them together when his dad let him go off to find himself and that he had to give his nephew the same chance. He gave the demo back and Wally quickly took it to the radio station so that it could be played. He then went back to the church where he danced to Elvis' music with Zari, before ghosts suddenly started appearing. He and Zari moved to protect the people in the church before Elvis arrived with the Death Totem and sent them off by playing Amazing Grace.

When Sara suggests that they splinter off to correct the anachronisms to try and stabilize the timestream against Mallus, Wally goes off with Nate to rescue a displaced dog from the Russian space program. They come back to the Waverider and discover that Sara has been taken by Mallus and is wielding the Death Totem. He then uses his speed to get the remaining team safety into the med bay. By then, Sara has locked down the ship, and Ava, appearing via hologram, realizes something is off. The team advises Ava to get in touch with John Constantine. With the power down on the automatic doors, Wally phases through it in order to get it to open. He goes off to try and subdue the possessed Sara. He looks for her at the bridge but comes face to face with his ex-girlfriend Jesse. At first, Wally refuses to believe that it is really her until she talks intimately about their old times as a couple. She tries to play on the fact that Wally felt that he didn't deserve her and that he had been right. Wally swallows his pain and tells her that he was actually glad that Jesse broke his heart as it got him to truly go out and find his own personal inner peace and it brought him new friends and a new team. He also said that he would find love with someone out there and that wouldn't be her. Mallus then ended the illusion and used a speedster weapon to render him unconscious. After Sara was freed from Mallus' control, Wally was taken to the med bay where he was healed and Sara apologized to him and the rest of the team.[48]

Wally was monitoring the time stream with Nate when they discovered that there had been a time ripple that had resulted in Mari McCabe being hurt in an accident. It turned out that Amaya losing her totem had started to solidify a timeline where Mari never received the totem and became Vixen but a vigilante instead. He and Nate went to Detroit in 2018 to check on Mari for Amaya. At the hospital, after speaking with Mari's foster father, they noticed Kuasa was there and moved to sneak up on her. Wally sped for her but she turned to water and escaped into the vents. She moved to the bottom level but they managed to corner her but she told them that she wasn't there to fight but to check up on her sister. Wally and Nate took Kuasa to Mari's hideout and she explained that wanted to help her family. She told them that she would help them get Amaya's totem back to her so that time could return to normal but to get passed the Darhks, they would need to make a plan. They planned to use Nate as bait, playing it off as if Kuasa captured him in order to get the totem. Wally suggested that he could just use his speed to swipe the totem off Nora like he took the Fire Totem from Darhk but Kuasa told him that he had been lucky and surprised them but the Darhks would be on guard for him from now on.[49]

Nora murders Kuasa.

Wally moved to go and distract Amaya so she wouldn't interfere. When Wally returned to the ship, he told Amaya that Nate was still at the hospital, trying to convince Mari to give up her vigilantism. But Kuasa appeared with her Anansi totem as promised. However, Wally asked where Nate was and Kuasa revealed that she gave him to the Darhks and Wally angrily told her that wasn't the plan. She explained that she did what she had to do in order to ensure both her and Mari's existence as Nate wasn't her grandfather and his relationship with Amaya was a threat. Wally and Amaya went off to save Nate themselves. Wally went for Nora but she used Mallus' power to drain Wally before sending it back at him to knock him away. He came to and found that Kuasa had come to help them but had been killed by the Mallus consumed Nora and the Water Totem taken.

Fighting Mallus

When the team found that Amaya had taken the jumpship to go to Zambesi in 1992, they were prepared to go after her but were contacted by Rip to warn them that Grodd was going off to kill a young Barack Obama in order to break the timestream enough for Mallus to be released. Nate and Wally went together to go get Amaya while the others went to deal with Grodd. They arrived at the village and found an old Amaya preparing to pass her totem over to her daughter Esi in a ceremony but a child Kuasa came with a baby Mari to tell her grandmother that Esi wasn't coming. They then found the young Amaya and she explained that because Esi refused to be the new totem bearer the village was left vulnerable to the warlord's attack. She believed that if she could convince Esi to embrace her destiny then it would change the future but Wally warned Amaya that it might not happen in the way she expected as what happened when Barry created Flashpoint. Nate went to go and talk to the elder Amaya about being more emotionally supportive of Esi to help her better embrace her destiny but Wally tried to reason with him to not go through with Amaya's plan. Nate told him that he couldn't abandon Amaya and her family and Wally told him that if he allowed this to go too far then he would stop him before he sped off to rejoin the other Legends.[50]

When he got back, he informed Sara of Amaya's plan and that Nate was helping her. They then discovered that if Amaya continued with it then the time stream would be broken enough for Mallus to fully escape. At first, they were against it, but then Sara came up with the idea that since they now possessed all the totems thanks to Damien Darhk joining them, they could kill Mallus but only if he was freed. Wally and the others agreed and he and Ray went to Nate and Amaya to tell them the new plan. They lied in wait at a sacred spot in the village with the captured Nora Darhk just as the warlords came to attack the village but Esi was waiting for them, now armed with the Anansi totem. The team waited but found that time wasn't changing as Damien Darhk had released Grodd upon the village to destroy it in order to keep Mallus from killing his daughter. Wally moved to stop Darhk but he levitated him off the ground and choked him before he flung him off to a corner of the tent before turning on the others. When Nate moved to stop Grodd, history was changed and Mallus was freed. Wally went out with the others to gaze upon Mallus' true form.

Legends see Mallus.

When the team moved to stop Mallus, Wally sped over to try to keep him in place while the others used the power of the totems against him but Mallus threw Wally away and batted off each of their attacks. Sara then called for a retreat while Wally stayed to buy them some time. After the team got back to the Waverider, Wally got back to them but found that Rip had taken the time drive from the ship to use it to overload and stall Mallus in order for them to escape. Wally took Zari to the jumpship to get the replacement time drive so they could install it and have the team escape. They all mourned Rip and his sacrifice before they went off to regroup at the Old West to hide the totems. When they got there, Wally found that he enjoyed being in that era, as did Zari. They were quickly found by Jonah Hex and they told them that they were there to avoid trouble but the town was quickly invaded by Julius Caesar, Freydís, and Blackbeard who were all under Mallus' control. They demanded the totems and gave them until noon the following day or they would be back with an army to destroy the town.

Legends in Salvation.

When Amaya and Nate discovered how the totems were combined to create one warrior to defeat Mallus before, the team went to attempt the same with Wally being given the Water Totem as Ray had left with Damien Darhk. They joined hands and found that they could hear each other's thoughts with everyone hearing Wally think that he believed he would've gone on to wield a lightning totem over a water one. They tried to create the warrior but created a deformed creature that Mick quickly destroyed with his Heat gun. It didn't seem like they had any other options but Ava Sharpe appeared with Jax, Helen of Troy and Kuasa to help them.

Beebo Vs. Mallus.

They went and fought against the joined army of Romans, Vikings and Pirates but Mallus had appeared to revitalize all the ones that the Legends and their friends brought down. The Legends then moved to try forming the warrior again and succeeded by creating it in the form of a giant Beebo. They had joined together as Beebo and fought against Mallus, ultimately destroying him.

The Legends celebrate their victory.

After their victory, they all went off to Aruba in 2018 to relax and get some down time. However, they were soon joined by Gary Green and John Constantine who dropped the head of a dragon in front of them. He explained that releasing Mallus from his cage had released more than just him.[51]

Sometime after that (presumably), Wally traveled to ancient times and took a bassinet that was belonged to Moses. He then gave it to Joe and Cecile as a gift.[52]

Meeting his baby sister and future niece

Wally comes back as a surprise to his father to meet his newborn sister at her welcome home party. He and Joe talk about his time with the Legends with Wally admitting that he has grown as a person and implying that's he going be in the present to be more around his family now that he's more comfortable with himself. While mingling at the party they received a visit from a mystery girl, who Wally recognized as a caterer from Barry and Iris' wedding. She then revealed herself as Barry and Iris' future daughter, Nora, and told them she made a big mistake. When she explained her origin story, he replied why her nickname was XS and she reveals that Iris was the one who gave it to her and reveals that her big mistake was punching DeVoe's satellite with her father, making her not fast enough to go back in the future. When Ralph was confused because he didn't know anything about time travel, Wally replied that no one has actually taught him about the Legends.[53][54]

Wally in the S.T.A.R. Labs.

Later, when Nora is running in the Speed lab, Barry tells him if he can take a sample of her DNA to the Legends and see if there is anything special and that in the worst-case scenario, the Waverider can bring her back to the future. When he gets back after Nora gets injured by her attempt to time travel, Wally tells the team that the Legends detected Negative Tachyons that slow her from time travel and also can be dangerous if she is taken on the Waverider.

When Gridlock was about to crash a plane, Wally listened to Nora's plan to phase the plane to avoid it from crashing a building and he, Barry and Nora run through Cisco's breach and on the plane where he knocked out Gridlock to make sure that he will not harm anyone.

After they victory, they tried to install Nora in S.T.A.R. labs loft where they find Joe that was there all this time. Wally then sat next to him and his future niece and start telling his stories with the Legends. He recounted when he and the Legends met Elvis Presley. Wally was encouraged by his father as he found his true path with his Legend friends.[54]

At some point, he left Central City again and begins running across the world.

During the Weather Witch trial, Joe and his baby sister visited him in Tibet just to avoid getting back to Central City after the Cicada break-in.[55]

Leaving the Legends

After fixing several Anachronisms, Wally opted to leave the Legends to follow his new path as they now battle magical beings. According to Sara, she agreed that Wally had left the team.[56]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

Wally is killed in the crisis.

Wally went on a mission with The Flash, Nyssa al Ghul, Kate Kane, Ray Terrill and Ray Palmer to save Earth-D from Outkast, the anti-matter counterpart to Pariah. Despite their efforts and with help from the Justice Alliance, they were unable to save Earth-D. They next tracked Outkast to Earth-76, where they were able to disable the anti-matter cannon. Enraged, Outkast tried to kill The Flash by firing an anti-matter blast at him, but Wally jumped in the way, taking the shot to save The Flash and dying from his injuries. Outkast then induced his own anti-matter wave, destroying Earth-76 and himself.[57] Wally was restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[58]

New multiverse

When Joe discovered the existence of Wally, the two had a difficult time connecting emotionally, but Joe had faith that his love for his son, though unexpected, would bring them together.[59]

Time in Peace Corps camp

Wally joined the Peace Corps camp. During his time there, he grew closer to the Speed Force and developed a Zen philosophy to his life. He also met Bhikkhuni Amala, a Buddhist nun who helped him better control his powers.

He saw possible futures that included Nora West-Allen and his own children, all being speedsters.

When Wally felt his powers were failing, he decided to go back to Central City to find out what was going on.[60]

Death of the Speed Force

"It's great to be back!"
—Wally West[src]

Barry hugs Wally.

Wally returned to Central City as a flying helicopter was in distress; after safely unloading the passengers, Wally created time-remnants of himself to assist him in dismantling the helicopter and placing its pieces on the ground. Barry soon arrived and the two hugged.

Impressing everyone present with his electrokinesis by making an electrical lotus flower, Wally tells the team what he has learned during his travels. Unknown to him, his sister is trapped in the Mirrorverse while he talks to her duplicate.

Barry and Wally talk to the dying Speed Force.

Eventually, Wally confronts Barry about the Speed Force and that Barry needed to go into the dimension. While Barry was making excuses and remembering his battle against Bloodwork, Wally brought the two there to see and converse with Speed Force's avatar, who was slowly dying. When they return to Earth-Prime, Wally berates Barry for withholding the truth instead of seeking his help and tells him that he no longer sees the future speedsters, but sees the lineage ending with them.

Wally talked to his father, who advised him to give Barry a chance. Then Barry and Wally reconciled. Later, Kid Flash and the Flash battle Turtle II inside the CCPD.

Before Wally leaves Central City to try to discover ways to help people without his powers, he warns Joe to keep an eye on Iris because she seems different.[60][61]

Godspeed War

Wally later went in deep meditation on the psychic plane, making him unavailable during the events of the Godspeed war.[62]

Erased future

When Barry went to a possible future timeline to learn Savitar's real name, he found that the Wally of that time had been paralyzed permanently by the evil speedster.[63] Due to H.R. Wells preventing Iris's murder and Savitar's death, this timeline has been erased.

Possible futures

According to Bart Allen, in the future Wally West helped Bart with his powers and taught him how to run and meditate.[62]

In a potential future in 2049, Wally reunited with the Legends at a bar in Star City. During their conversation, a notification appeared on Wally's watch; Wally noted that it seemed important. He then ran out of the bar, much to the dismay of the Legends.[64]


Wally in his civilian persona.

"I know that you were trying really hard to convince everyone that you were a badass, but I know that you're a good kid, Wally."
Iris West to Wally West[src]

At first, Wally came off as a rather apprehensive and unsure young man when first exposed to his father and sister, but his full personality came to light in time. He is an eager, reckless, competitive, and somewhat angry young man. His anger came from having grown up with no father, having to be the man of the house from the very beginning and taking on far more responsibility than he might have had to if he'd been raised by both parents. Despite his rage, Wally deeply loved his mom, being afraid to see her pass away and working constantly to both pay her medical expenses and to keep his mind off the pain of his impending loss and grief. Only once Iris talked him into it could he face his demons in the form of saying goodbye to his mother before her death.

His competitive side is seen not only in his racing career, but also in his initial interactions with Barry, feeling jealous of the constant praise Barry received from Joe and Iris and envying Barry for having been raised by Joe. This one-sided rivalry came to a halt after Joe revealed why Barry came to live with him and Iris and that Barry's tragedies are why Joe tried too hard to defend him from any criticism. After this, Wally made the decision to try to see Barry less like a rival for his father's affection and more like a brother. His competitiveness was also evident in his Flashpoint self, who groaned at being nicknamed "Kid Flash" by Iris and Barry and tried to prove to the other Flash that he doesn't need to follow anyone's lead to win against the Rival.

With the Flash having saved his life, he had wanted to turn his life around and make up for the things he had apparently caused. He seems to have gone to a more heroic route, attempting to stop a rogue meta-human from taking a woman's purse and later saving the Flash when overpowered by Black Siren.

After joining with the Legends, Wally seems to have found a good friend in Nate Heywood, as they shared similar backgrounds with distant fathers and both display cocky, womanizing attitudes.

Wally as Kid Flash.

"Do you remember what you were like when we first met? 'Cause I do. You were petulant, stubborn. Every little thing pissed you off. You didn't want a father or a sister or a brother, but look at the man that you are now—the sensitive, intelligent, compassionate man that you have become, and it's not because of some mystical energy source out there. It's because you did the work."
Joe West to Wally West[src]

Despite Wally's hot-headed nature, he is a courageous young man whose heart is always in the right place. After repeatedly being saved by the Flash, Wally has shown a need to validate his current life and the second chance at it by helping others at every possible opportunity; like his father, sister, and foster brother, Wally is practically incapable of turning his back on the people he cares about, having taken the burden of paying his mother's medical bills by himself for years by any means necessary. Wally has proven himself his father's son in his sense of duty, bravery and need to be there for his loved ones, no matter the cost.

During Wally's adventures with the Legends, he found a sense of belonging and purpose that he never found while with Team Flash, as he felt like an outcast and misfit preciously, he quickly developed a strong friendship with the team, despite his feelings that they all disliked him upon their first meeting, with Sara encouraging him to embrace this status as an outsider. However, Wally has a highly scrupulous nature when compared to the rest of the Legends as he quickly stole back Mick Rory's "souvenir" - stolen Grateful Dead sunglasses claiming disappointedly "once a thief, always a thief". Nevertheless, Wally has a playful side as when he and Rip pantsed Gary and he later takes a "souvenir" of his own by stealing another Zambesi totem.

Though Wally retains his impulsive, cocksure attitude and his preference of simply speeding in and getting the mission done as quickly as possible the tutelage of Zari has taught him more patience and he was able to correct the history of music on a mission without speeding unnecessarily.

Wally later left the Legends when he realized that he hasn't truly found a sense of belonging and purpose.

In the future in which Iris dies, Wally went into a fit of rage and decided to fight Savitar himself. This eventually lead to him being found by Joe with a shattered spine and being left in a catatonic state after the battle. This future was later erased when Savitar killed H.R. instead of Iris.

Powers and abilities


"Damn. How fast is he going?"
"Faster than Barry could at the beginning.
Joe West and Cisco Ramon[src]

Wally using his super speed, lightning trailing behind.

  • Speed Force connection/Meta-human physiology: In the Flashpoint timeline, Wally gained his powers after being struck by a bolt of lightning, which he lost when the timeline was reset to its near-original setting. After his body was altered by the Philosopher's Stone, he could access and harness energy from the Speed Force. When his powers were new, Wally's growth rate was noted to be greater than Barry Allen's, as he had been continually advancing with his training; it is unknown if this comes from an instinctual talent, the particle accelerator, the Philosopher's Stone, or any mixture of them. In the new multiverse, Wally appears to have a spiritual connection to the Speed Force.
    • Accelerated healing factor: For unknown reasons, Wally had a limited healing factor in the Flashpoint timeline, unable to regenerate from major wounds inflicted upon him by the Rival. In the current timeline, his healing capabilities appear to be much stronger, as his palm healed perfectly only seconds after cutting it. Also, when Savitar broke Wally's leg, it took him only a matter of hours to recover completely and fight the evil speedster again. However, his healing powers still seem to be below Barry's. A future version of him was bound to a wheelchair even 3 years after his spine was shattered by Savitar, while Barry was able to heal fairly quickly when Zoom broke his spine.
    • Aerokinesis: Wally can use his speed to generate air flow as vacuums on various levels. By rotating his arms, he can create strong tornadoes, able to repel enemies.
    • Astral projection: Wally learned to communicate with the Speed Force in a way that allows his consciousness to separate from his body and enter the dimension, with a voice that he hears in his head guiding him.[60]
    • Bodily vibration: Wally has the ability to vibrate any part of his body at different frequencies on command, with varying effects. He can distort his whole body in a haze that normal people can't perceive properly and garble his voice to disguise it. While his mind and body were not running at the same speed, his body was constantly vibrating and he could not process normal time.
      • Intangibility: By vibrating his molecules at the frequency of air, Wally can physically phase through solid objects. He can even phase objects though people, as he did to phase his own blood into the body of Clive Yorkin in order to negate his powers. His efficiency with this ability is still developing, as he needs to focus considerably or build up enough running speed before attempting this. However, by the time he joined the Legends, he has mastered this ability, as he was easily able to phase his hand through a locked door on the Waverider. With the help of his future niece and Barry, he vibrated an entire airplane and all of its passengers to keep it from crashing.
    • Electrokinesis: Wally can produce yellow electricity, his Speed Force energy, from his body. It is commonly seen when running. While mostly used to boost his speed to higher levels, it can be used in other ways. The intensity of it can interfere with the surrounding electronics and overwhelm electric-absorption. Wally can harness this electricity to repeatedly hurl lightning bolts to stun or repel enemies, and also electrify a surface. With further training while away Wally’s control over his powers has improved to make electric constructions like a lotus flower.[60]
    • Superhuman durability: Wally's physical resilience is heightened to inhuman levels, leaving him unaffected to lack of breathable air and exposure to toxins or sedatives. He can withstand extreme forces that would cripple if not kill with only minor injuries. This allowed him to be only left bruised when a mind-controlled Supergirl sent him flying into a wall.
    • Superhuman speed: Wally can run at amazing speeds; he is fast enough that he can easily run along the sides of buildings, structures, and catch speeding projectiles. While in the Flashpoint timeline, Wally's top speed was Mach 2; his speed is noticeably greater in the current timeline to which he started faster than Barry's own initial speed and after only weeks, he was able to reach speeds of Mach 3. Wally's speed has greatly increased as he can reach speeds of Mach 13 and even Barry believed that Wally was at least as fast as him before the final fight against Savitar. However, after spending time in the Speed Force for six months, it was proven that Barry has regained his superiority in terms of speed over Wally. Like Barry, Wally can complete his daily activities in seconds, such as cleaning up the Waverider during his stint with the Legends. While rescuing Ray Palmer, Wally was able to steal the Fire Totem from Damien Darhk without the latter noticing, impressing both Ray and Sara Lance as well as the rest of the Legends. Nate Heywood referred to Wally as the second fastest man alive of Earth-1.
      • Superhuman agility: Wally possesses inhuman agility, coordination, balance, equilibrium, and dexterity, which allows him to not be tripped by great forces at super speed. He can change direction with immediate sharp turns without sliding or losing balance and instantly stop running on the spot. Combined with his speed, Wally is able to effortlessly jump several feet at a time, letting him easily go from rooftop to rooftop.
      • Superhuman reflexes: Wally possesses reflexes that are also enhanced to inhuman levels. This allows them to react instantly to almost anything, including other speedsters. He was able to catch multiple bullets shot by the SS militants with relative ease and later caught an arrow out of mid-air.
      • Superhuman momentum: Wally can generate great amounts of physical force through kinetic energy, simulating superhuman strength. His speed lets him channel the force to propelling targets several feet by colliding into or striking them. By knocking into Sara Lance, Thea Queen and John Diggle, he sent them flying into the air. His punch was even enough to knock back and incapacitate Music Meister, who at the time possessed the combined powers of Supergirl and the Flash. While defending Iris West from Savitar when he came for her on Earth-2, his speed-enhanced strikes were able to somewhat stagger the armored time remnant before he got the upper hand by sending Wally flying and then breaking his leg.
        • Interdimensional travel: Wally is able to use his speed to travel through interdimensional breaches and across to other dimensions. He was able to bring both Joe and Iris West to Earth-2 when attempting to hide the latter from Savitar.
      • Body replication: Wally is able to create clones of himself when breaking the helicopter apart. However, it is unknown whether it is a time remnant or not. [60]
    • Superhuman stamina: Wally possesses stamina that is enhanced to inhuman levels. He is able to endure running at superhuman speeds for extended periods of time without much exhaustion. However, similarly to Barry, Wally seems to become winded by opponents much stronger than himself.


  • Drag racing: To pay his late mother's medical bills and cope with his grief, Wally took up the sub-hobby of participating in drag races and was well-regarded to the point where no resident residing in Keystone would challenge him to races any longer, and became rather well known in Central City. He is referred to by the alias of "Taillights", most likely because his opponents see a lot of his taillights during drag races.
  • Bilingualism: While Wally is fluent in English, he is shown to be speaking Japanese to Samuroid, although the exact extent to his fluency in the language is unknown.[40]
  • Genius level-intellect: Joe stated that Wally was just as smart as Barry.
    • Expert engineer: Wally possesses fair engineering skills and was smart enough to work up a plan to create a turbine supercar that that would run on biodiesel and human stool while he was in college. He also has a well-lit background with certain fields and branches of engineering and mechanics.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Though Wally has never been trained in combat, he uses his speed alongside his reflexes to compensate. He could fight the Rival in the Flashpoint timeline as an opponent and hold his own, despite his losses before. His prowess, however, is still inferior to Barry's, shown when he fought Savitar alone, he was quickly defeated whereas Barry was able fight Savitar to a stalemate. He has since then improved after several training sessions with HR and Barry, with Iris creating new lengthy combat simulators for him to improve. During his time with the Legends, Wally has greatly improved his skills, able to defeat multiple enemies of Mallus and even subdue Kuasa.


  • Hyper-metabolism: While moving at accelerated speeds, Wally burns calories much faster than a normal person. While letting him break down food more efficiently than a regular human, this also requires him to consume large amounts of nutrients. Continued usage of his speed while deprived renders him disoriented and weak before ultimately passing from low blood glucose. Also, because of his accelerated healing, he is unaffected by painkillers, sedatives, or anesthetics, as he burns through them too quickly to have any effect. He also cannot experience joys like getting drunk as even consuming a special 500 proof alcohol only intoxicated for a few seconds. Even after an entire night of drinking with Rip Hunter (during which he drank a special "rocket fuel" alcohol made by Cisco) he only had a 3 minute long hangover.
  • Speedster weapon: A weapon that can cut off a speedster from the Speed Force with a pulse wave. Wally was struck by this weapon which made him immobile and vulnerable to an attack that rendered him unconscious.

Former weaknesses

  • Mental impairment: After first gaining his powers from the Philosopher's Stone, his synapses did not function properly from his forced emergence, making his powers erratic. This was soon fixed by Caitlin Snow, to which he can then properly handle his extreme physical performances.
  • Speed Force connection: As Wally's powers come from his connection to the Speed Force, loss of that connection, or loss of the Speed Force itself, will leave Wally's powers left to rely on residual Speed Force energy he stored up previously, gradually draining away his powers with each usage.
  • Philosopher's Stone connection: Due to the fact that Wally obtained his powers from the Philosopher's Stone; he was susceptible to telepathy from Savitar, ranging from visions to hallucinations. After the Philosopher's Stone's destruction; he no longer has this weakness.
  • Savitar's memories: Due to the fact that Savitar is a time remnant of Barry and has all of his memories, including one about giving Wally speed; if Savitar loses his memories then Wally will lose his speed because he would not have remembered to give Wally his powers. Despite this, upon Savitar's erasure from existence, Wally retained his powers and therefore, no longer has this weakness.


Original multiverse

  • Kid Flash suit: The S.T.A.R. Labs team gave Wally the suit as a Christmas present in the new timeline. It is an exact color and detail accurate of the one from the Flashpoint timeline. But it's unknown where Wally keeps his since quitting his tenure at Team Flash.

Former equipment

  • Flashpoint Flash suit: Wally wore this suit in the Flashpoint timeline. He wore it during his patrols as the Flash. It was designed by Cisco Ramon to keep his clothes from burning off while he was running at Mach speed. The suit was erased when Barry re-created the timeline, with help from Reverse-Flash.
  • The Flash suit: Wally wore Barry's original suit to appear as Barry to the Samuroid. Samuroid found out that he was not the "real Flash", and stabbed his katana into Wally's leg and up the back of the suit, ripping it. The suit was later retired after Barry started to wear the new suit Cisco made him, and Wally returned to his Kid Flash suit.[40]
  • Water Totem: Wally temporarily had possession of the Water Totem, one of the six lost totems of Zambesi, and he used its abilities in conjunction with the others to create a being capable of defeating Mallus. Preferring his abilities as a speedster, Wally gave the totem to Kuasa to protect in the new timeline.[51]

New multiverse

  • Kid Flash suit: Like in the original multiverse, Wally wears a protective suit when he act as a vigilante.[60]


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  • Wallace is what Joe and Francine were going to name Iris if she had been a boy.[4]
  • In the timeline of Savitar, Barry stated that Wally is fast enough to save Iris in the corresponding future. This implies that at that time, Wally had already equalled Barry in terms of speed.[32] This was backed up somewhat when he and Barry raced around the Pipeline to create a temporal wormhole, as he is seen outpacing Barry for most of the run, though it is worth noting that Barry held back in this instance deliberately in order to siphon off Wally's speed as he had done previously with Jay Garrick.
    • Since Barry's return from 6 months of being in the Speed Force, his speed has increased to such astronomical levels that he is now far faster than Wally.[40] According to Nate Heywood, Wally is now the "second fastest man alive", a fact which Wally doesn't like to reveal.[49]
  • Despite not having grown up with him, Wally has come to acknowledge Barry as his foster brother.[36]
  • Wally and Eddie Thawne are currently the only main characters whose Earth-2 counterparts have not been featured.
    • Due to Wally's counterpart only being mentioned semi-jokingly by Joe, it's possible he has no doppelgänger on Earth-2.
  • Wally is the third character who was both a member of Team Flash and the Legends, after Martin Stein and Nate Heywood, although Nate was only a part of Team Flash briefly between Legends Seasons 2 and 3.
  • The book The Flash: Climate Changeling reveals that Wally is the one who saves Iris from Savitar.
  • Similar to his counterpart on the show Young Justice, Wally has developed a habit of collecting "souvenirs" on missions with the Legends.
  • Growing up, Wally wanted to be an astronaut.[6]
  • Wally's favorite movie is Casablanca.[30]
  • Wally likes Kung Pao chicken.[3]
  • He enjoys punk rock music.[65]
  • His likes the song "Careless Whisper" by George Michael.[46]
  • Wally is an expert at the game Ms. Pac-Man.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC multiverse, Wally West is the third person to take up the superhero mantle of the Flash, after Jay Garrick and Barry Allen. He was also the first Kid Flash as well as a founding member of the Teen Titans and the Titans, alongside Roy Harper. He married Linda Park in the original timeline and is Iris's nephew.
  • In the DC comics, the original Wally West is Caucasian, however, this version is an amalgamation between the original Wally West and his cousin who is half-African American and also named Wally from the New 52. Both of them were rebellious mechanical prodigies who became speedsters and went under the name "Kid Flash".
  • In the comics, both Wally and Barry share the mantle of "Fastest Man Alive", with Barry having a more scientific approach to using the Speed Force while Wally possesses a more spiritual connection. However, Wally is considered to be slightly faster.
  • The color of Wally's car is silver with red racing stripes, a reference to his future counterpart's suit in the New 52 comics from the Futures End storyline.
  • Keiynan Lonsdale was asked to reprise his role in "Heart of the Matter, Part 1" and "Heart of the Matter, Part 2" but was unable due to a scheduling conflict.[66]


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