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Dr. '''Wangari Hollowell''' is a former thermal physicist and teacher.
Dr. '''Wangari Hollowell''' is a former thermal physicist and teacher.

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Dr. Wangari Hollowell is a former thermal physicist and teacher.


Wangari was born in Kenya to an African doctor and an American. She and her parents soon moved to New England in the United States.[1]

In the 1990s, Dr. Hollowell worked as the leading scientist in the field of thermal physics, but decided to suspend her work to teach the next generation of scientists. She handpicked two of students, Caitlin Snow and Kyle Quirk, for her thermodynamics program. She frequently worked students up to a breaking point, calling their tears "lessons of humilty". At this point her students began to call her "Doctor Melting Point". After a few years, when Caitlin and Kyle had graduated, Hollowell faked her death. On the night of her funeral, she sent a video message to Caitlin, claiming that Kyle killed her for her perpetual motion machine, or "infinity engine". Caitlin and Cisco Ramon rushed to her house, only to find Kyle handcuffed to her infinity engine and the machine about to explode.[1] As Dr. Hollowell spoke over an intercom, Kyle explained how Hollowell's left half had turned in to quantum energy. The Flash quickly turned up and dismantled the machine, forcing Hollowell herself to come to the room. She grabbed Kyle's arm, melting it down and adding its energy to her own. She attempted to do the same to The Flash, but was hit by Caitlin. Angry, she launched herself at Caitlin but was shot down with an energy gun. She was taken to the Pipeline, where she was incarcerated.[2]


Wangari is extremely harsh with her students, expecting them to do as well as she expects, otherwise getting mad.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Quantum energy: When the particle accelerator went off, the left half of Wangari was turned in to quantum energy. In doing this, she was able to melt down organic materials and absorb their energy for her own.[2]



The Flash: Season Zero


  • The nickname "Melting Point" was instead given to Matthew Kim on the show


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