Dr. Wangari Hollowell is a former Thermal Physicis and became a teacher. She tought Caitlin Snow when she was her pupil.


Dr. Hollowell was a Thermal Physicis until she suspened her work to teach the next generation of scienctist. She handpicked two students, Caitlin Snow and Klye Quirk, from her Thermodynamics Program. She was known to get fustrated and teach "Leasons of Humilty". At this point they started to call her "Doctor Melting Point".  After a few years Caitlin Snow and Klye Quirk graduated she had fake died. At the night of her funeral she sent a message to Caitlin Snow and she and Cisco Ramon watched it. It said that Klye Quirk killed her for her machine named the Perpetual Motion Machine or "Infinity Engine". Dr. Hollowell then said for Caitlin to get her machine back and arrest Klye Qurik. The both rush to her house only to find Klye handcofed to her "Infinity Engine" and the machine is about to explode. Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramond quickly find out that Dr. Hollowell has planed a trap for Caitlin and Klye. Klye tells them that Dr. Hollowell has fused with quamtum energy and that half her body was replaced with the quamtum energy, while Caitlin got Klye out of the trap. Flash comes and quickly disables that machine and then Dr. Hollowell attacked Klye burning his arm. She said that she wanted Caitlin and Klye to be just like her. Flash distracts her but she cahes him in the neck, but Caitlin hits her in the back of the head with a wrench. She is now incarcerated in the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator. 


As seen in The Flash Season Zero comic, she is very hardcore and only apperciates people as smart as her. Once someone displeases her she gets very mad. The only "good" thing she has done was become a teacher and give Mariah Cortez, a former student of hers, but she eventually gets killed by Dr. Hollowell.

Powers & Abilities

Quamtium Energy: She was fused with quamtium energy when the partical aaccelerator went off, and she gain the abilites such as being half her body being replaced with quamtium energy.


The Flash: Season Zero


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