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"I see great things for you, Ms. Lamarr, and Warner Brothers."
Arnold Coleson to Hedy Lamarr[src]

Warner Bros. Studios is a movie studios that was located in Hollywood in 1937. They were subjected to an aberration due to the anachronistic appearance of Helen of Troy. The studios persevered up to 2019, releasing a documentary on Oliver Queen and the vigilantes titled Emerald Archer: The Hood and the Rise of Vigilantism.


Business in Hollywood

Hollywood in 1937.

At some point Warner Bros. Studios was created as a movie-making studio in Hollywood. By 1937 they were producing an epic peplum based on ancient history and mythology of Egypt and Greece. Due to an anachronism, Helen of Troy appeared in 1937's Hollywood.[1]

Aberration timeline

Warner Bros. Studios became engulfed in an all-out war with K&G Pictures due to their competitive designs regarding the filming of Helen of Troy. Directors and producers were literally stabbed in the backs and Helen drove away every other prospective lead actress from Holywood.[1]

Current timeline

Warner Bros. Studios director Arnold Coleson hired Hedy Lamarr, seeing her as a prospective actress after Helen of Troy was taken by the Legends.[1]

In 2019 Warner Bros. released a documentary about the life of Oliver Queen and other members of Team Arrow: "The Hood and the Rise of Vigilantism".[2]

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