Warren is the dean of National City University. She is also an ally of the Children of Liberty and the good friend/former co-worker of Ben Lockwood.


Warren was the dean National City University, where she worked alongside Ben Lockwood, a US history professor.

In spring 2018, Warren received numerous complaints from students about the extreme rhetoric in Ben's class regarding his prejudice against aliens. When Ben didn't relent even after multiple warnings, Warren fired him. While expressing sympathy for his family's struggles, Warren pointed out that Ben brought this on himself.

Not long after, Reign attempted to terraform Earth. During the catastrophe, Warren and Minnie lost their home, forcing them to move into the student housing at National City University. Warren also had to contend with the university facing overcrowding and budget cuts.

Several months later in the fall, Warren encountered Ben again. Revealing her situation, Warren apologized for him being fired, as she didn't truly understand what he was going through. Ben assured her there were no hard feelings, revealing he was putting together a "support group" of those who had faced similar losses. Ben gave Warren a pamphlet, inviting her to join them, which she accepted.[1]



Season 4


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