Warren Patel is a formerly wealthy businessman and CEO of Patel Industries. His name is on "The List".


Warren Patel was a corrupt businessman and CEO of Patel Industries. Detective Lucas Hilton tried to get a case against him for two years, but was unsuccessful without sufficient evidence due to Patel's lawyers.[1]

In October 2012, Patel hired Floyd Lawton to kill all the other bidders for Unidac Industries so he could acquire the company. The first two victims were James Holder and Carl Rasmussen. Later at the auction for Unidac, Patel was taken into custody by the police, who had received intel from The Hood that he hired Lawton.[2] However, Patel was later released, presumably due to his connections.

Warren Patel is delivered to the police.

Sometime after the auction, Patel was traveling via helicopter with his assistant, discussing his potential ownership Unidac Industries with someone on the phone. Suddenly, they were intercepted by the Hood. The vigilante captured Patel and left him pinned to a wall with arrows outside the SCPD precinct for Detective Hilton to arrest, along with phone records definitively proving his guilt.[1]



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