"You are on a 22nd century timeship, designation WR-2059, currently situated in the temporal zone."
Gideon to Zari Tarazi[src]

The Waverider, designation WR-2059, is a timeship utilized by the Legends.


In 2015, Rip Hunter recruited the Legends in order to fix the timeline by traveling on the Waverider.

Before the Time Bureau was shattered, the Waverider was the property of the United States government.


Compartments in the Waverider

Gideon's console

  • Bridge: The bridge is where the ship is piloted from, usually from the control console for the captain's chair. Located at the front of the ship, the bridge has viewports that allow the crew to see the outside or view the temporal zone. It also has a central console where Gideon can talk to the crew in a holographic form as well as for accessing information needed for their various missions.
  • Captain's office: The office is where many of the Legends' missions are discussed. Paper maps, documents, and other antique decorations are stored in here. The office is adorned with many different artifacts. The office has an old feel, paneled with fine wood and has antique lighting.
  • Cargo bay: The cargo bay is a room that is often used to store various equipment, such as Sara's weaponry and Ray's exosuit. The bay also has a door hatch that is used for entering and exiting the ship.
  • Library: This room is equipped with computer screens and is sometimes where planning for missions is done. Like the parlour, the library is adorned with various artifacts from many different time periods including hundreds of books, stone busts, fossils, and pottery.
  • Lounge: This room is used by Behrad as a lounge place to eat snacks.
  • Laboratory: This room is where Behrad and Nate tried to remove the virus in Gideon's system. The laboratory is also connected to the lounge.
  • Medical bay: The medical bay is where the crew goes to receive medical treatments for illnesses.[1] Nothing can be done for late stage cancer, as wad in Constantine's case. Gideon can even tell from biology if someone is feeling lovesick.
  • Fabrication room: This room has special fabrication technology that can fashion temporally-indigenous clothing.[1]
  • Galley and dining room: The Galley is equipped with food and drinks for the crew. The galley also has its own food fabricator capable of making food and drinks for the crew. The fridge is also full of green juice owned by Ray Palmer. However, it turned bad which is why he did not bring it away with him, causing the Legends to get sick after drinking it to honor Ray.[2]
  • Bathroom: The Waverider consists of only one bathroom, which the Legends. The bathroom consists of a shower room, a toilet and a sink.[2]
  • Crew quarters: Each crew member has quarters to sleep in.
    • Ray's quarters:

      Ray and Nora in their quarters.

      Ray's quarters were shared with Nora. The quarters had a shelf with his display of various mementos of being a Legend, such as a photo of him and Nate, his shrink gauntlet, his drawing of being knighted as Sir Raymond of the Palms and more. There is also a mannequin that held the A.T.O.M. Exosuit.[2]
    • Mick's quarters: Mick's quarters are darker and has piles of weapons around the table. As he is an ex-author, the table is full of papers and a typewriter. Due to his personality, the quarters are messy.[2]
  • Jump ship: A smaller separate detachable ship that the Legends can either use to go on reconnaissance missions, drop offs, or just to travel to two separate places at once. It is also a vessel Charlie uses for "joy rides".[3] It was later destroyed by Atropos.

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Former crew

Known passengers

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Compartments on the ship

Artifacts in Ray's quarters


  • The medical treatments the Waverider can help with are limited.
    • Magical ailments repel any medicine except for sedatives.
    • It can't cure cancer, or just aggressive late stage cancer. Constantine had his remaining 10 years sped up temporarily.

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