Wayne Cotrell is the best friend of Julio Mendez.


Early life

In 1989, Wayne was already a known jazz celebrity. At some point, he and his wife Linda Lake had an argument. Wayne then took a drink with a fan girl called Suzy Storm. The next day, when he woke up, the police arrested him for the murder of his wife and Suzy, his only alibi, was nowhere to be found.[1]


In 1990, Wayne was playing saxophone in his cell while listening to the radio who inform Central city of his execution tonight. Later, Father Michael went to his cell to obtain a confession. Wayne explained that he was innocent and that he is praying for a miracle. Seconds later, the Flash showed up in his cell and ask question about the night of Linda's "death". Wayne explained that he spend the night with Suzy Storm but the day of his arrest, she disappeared. The Flash told him that if anything he said was true, this won't be his last lunch. Later, when he was about to be executed, he talked to his brother one last time saying that he is sorry but before he could be executed, the Flash saved him and revealed that his wife was still alive, and he exposed Elliott involvement before arresting him. Some times later, Wayne has become the new owner of Take Five, and he told Julio and Barry that he was planning to renovate the place, but he would keep the broken clock as a reminder about how close he was to be executed.[1]


The Flash


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