"I had to find her, so I needed to go to the one place that always seemed to have the answers, to the heart of Gotham, which just happened to have eyes all over the city."
Kate Kane[src]

Wayne Enterprises is a company owned by the Wayne family and previously run by Bruce Wayne. It is one of the main businesses of Gotham City.

The company's main office is located in Wayne Tower. Three of its subsidiaries are Wayne Tech, Wayne Security, and Wayne Enterprises Research & Development, which apparently remained active after Bruce left Wayne Enterprises.

Three years after Bruce's departure, his cousin, Kate Kane, started a real estate development firm subsidiary for the company.


Wayne Enterprises ground view

Wayne Enterprises as seen from ground level.

In adulthood, Bruce Wayne became CEO of Wayne Enterprises. However, by 2015, Bruce left Gotham City and the company behind.

At some point afterwards, Wayne Enterprises' board of directors accepted get-rich-quick deals, but were scammed, causing the company to go bankrupt.

By 2018, Bruce's cousin, Kate Kane started a real estate development firm subsidiary for Wayne Enterprises.[1]

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Behind the scenes

  • The Wi-Fi password being "Alfred" is a reference to the character Alfred Pennyworth, who in the DC comics is the butler of Bruce Wayne/Batman.


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