"I had to find her, so I needed to go to the one place that always seemed to have the answers, to the heart of Gotham, which just happened to have eyes all over the city."
Kate Kane[src]

Wayne Tower is a location in Gotham City; it is the headquarters of Wayne Enterprises.


Following the collapse of Wayne Enterprises, Wayne Tower, Wayne Security & Wayne Tech still remained under the control of Bruce Wayne, but the tower itself was no longer maintained to a high standard and was caretakered by Wayne Security head, Luke Fox. His main responsibilities were to maintain the operation for the building and to keep looters out. He was also responsible for protecting the Batcave underneath the building. When Kate Kane returned to Gotham, she began to use the building for her to start up a real estate development firm subsidiary for the company. She took up residence in Bruce's old office.

It is assumed that as he still owns the building, Bruce is paying to keep the power maintained for the building and Batcave. However, the maintenance of the building and all floors has not been maintained.


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  • The WiFi password is "Alfred"
  • To access the Batcave, the display case containing Martha Wayne's pearls needs to be turned a quarter clockwise to reveal the elevator entrance.

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