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Wayne Tower is the second tallest building in Gotham City. It is the headquarters of Wayne Enterprises.[1] Having formerly been owned by Bruce Wayne, then by Ryan Wilder, the building is currently under the ownership of Marquis Jet.


After Bruce Wayne left the city, the caretaker of the tower became Luke Fox. His main responsibilities were to maintain the operation for the building and to keep looters out. He was also responsible for protecting the Batcave underneath the building. When Kate Kane returned to Gotham, she began to use the building to start up a real estate development firm subsidiary for the company: Gotham Pride.[1]

Knowing that a kill-order was placed on her and needing the death of her doppelgänger so that she could live, Alice, who had put Carl in a closet, called the Crows anonymously and told them that she knew where Alice was, causing a squadron to infiltrate the building. Kate and Luke were forced to reveal to Beth Kane from another universe the location of the Batcave in order to hide her.[2]

Sophie came to Wayne Tower, seeking Julia because she had gone radio-silent; during Sophie's conversation with Kate, Kate realized that Luke had gone missing too.[3]

After Jacob Kane tried to kill Batwoman, Kate sat somberly in Wayne Tower and cried to Mary about how she believed that their father hated her. Later, Luke showed the women that he had destroyed his shard of Kryptonite, causing Kate to reveal a shard of her own.[4]

After Kate's plane crashed, Luke and Mary continued to keep up with maintaining Wayne Tower, even using Kate's office to resesarch Ryan Wilder, the mysterious new Batwoman.

When Kate returned and handed ownership of Wayne Enterprises over to Ryan along with the mantle of Batwoman, Ryan also inherited her office.

After Ryan signed away her company to Marquis Jet in an attempt to save Mary, her brother locked Ryan, Luke, and Sophie out of Wayne Tower.






  • To access the Batcave, the display case containing Martha Wayne's pearls needs to be turned a quarter clockwise to reveal the elevator entrance.
  • The edifice is revealed to have a lock-down mode; it is apparently secure and strong enough to hold in explosive detonations that would have otherwise leveled a good measure of the city outside.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Wayne Tower is the headquarters of Wayne Enterprises as well as the tallest building in Gotham City, built in 1888 by Bruce's ancestor Alan Wayne, with 13 gargoyles or "guardians" welcoming visitors for each of the 13 entry points into the city.