"The Wayne family has been a hallmark to Gotham. And their legacy lives on even today."

The Wayne family is a prominent, wealthy family that primarily lived in Gotham City. They are the wealthiest and most powerful family in the city and owned Wayne Enterprises.

On many Earths, after the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne, their son, Bruce Wayne, grew up to become the vigilante known as "Batman".


At some point, Thomas Wayne was married Martha Kane and together they had a son, Bruce, February 19.[1]

Years later, Thomas and Martha were shot and killed by a mugger who stole the Martha's pearl necklace,[2] leaving Bruce traumatized.

Sometime after Martha and Thomas's murders, Bruce became the vigilante known as Batman to honor his parents.[1]

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Behind the scenes

  • The family name was chosen by Bill Finger as an homage to the well-known U.S. army general of the American Revolutionary War Mad Anthony Wayne as he was looking for a name that would suggest colonialism.[3]

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