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"Look. I love Inception as much as the next guy, but sending Barry into DeVoe's mind?"
Cisco Ramon on Marlize DeVoe's plan

"We Are The Flash" is the twenty-third and final episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the ninety-second episode overall. It aired on May 22, 2018.



Captain Singh is at CC Jitters when suddenly, the power goes out from all over the city. The Enlightenment has begun. S.T.A.R. Labs is also without power, and Cisco attempts to restore it. At the same time, Joe and Cecile walk in, and she starts to have contractions. Cisco restores the power and Caitlin takes Cecile for labor. Barry and Cisco check the Time Vault and realize that DeVoe anticipated that Wells would build the thinking cap, which would allow him to use the extracted dark matter and Fallout's nuclear energy on Gideon to activate the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite to initiate the Enlightenment: Wells was DeVoe's guinea pig. Iris walks in with Marlize, and they have come up with a way to stop DeVoe: use Cecile's mind and DeVoe's chair to send Barry's consciousness into DeVoe's mind, so that he can find the good part of DeVoe, and bring it back. They have only a limited time until the Enlightenment is complete.

Barry sits on the chair and Marlize attaches the cerebral inhibitor to Cecile. However, her contractions makes the journey inside DeVoe's mind a challenge, but the team goes with it. Barry enters DeVoe's mind and is at the location where bus 405 was engulfed by the wormhole. He avoids the Thinker, and Marlize suggests he go to their house. However, the house is empty. Outside of Devoe's mind, Cisco notices Wells is gone, and he finds him in the workshop. Almost out of his mind, Wells forces Cisco to put the thinking cap on his head so that he can be useful one last time. Cisco reluctantly does, and Wells says Barry needs to go to the place where Clifford and Marlize first fell in love, which is Oxford. After the use of the cap, Wells' mind is reset.

Barry arrives at the site in Oxford, and to his surprise, he finds Ralph, alive. But their reunion is cut short when the Thinker appears. Barry speeds Ralph and himself away, and Ralph figures the good DeVoe existed, when he was just a simple college professor. Meanwhile in S.T.A.R. Labs, Cecile's contractions are happening more frequently, and Caitlin tries to help her. But when Cecile grabs Caitlin's arm, she starts to talk differently, and it's Killer Frost telling Caitlin that her father, Thomas Snow, is alive. DeVoe then starts to break in. Team Flash gather everyone, and DeVoe greets them. He attempts to attack everyone, but Marlize has used the chair's force field to keep him away. DeVoe then reveals that he anticipated Team Flash's attempt to invade his mind, and reveals why he didn't kill or capture Barry, even though he had plenty of opportunities: he needed to get Barry inside his mind, so he can learn everything he can from the Speed Force. Marlize activates the chair to allow Team Flash to escape into DeVoe's lair inside the pocket dimension. It only buys them a little more time, as DeVoe can access it soon.

Barry and Ralph find the good DeVoe, but unfortunately he has been shot through the chest and is dead. It seems all hope is lost, but then Barry realizes that the body DeVoe is using is Ralph's, and that's why he has to keep him alive, as it can't function without him. Barry brings Ralph to the street where the bus metas were created, and tells him that he can regain control of his body if he can get to the portal to escape DeVoe's mind. However, DeVoe ambushes them, and Barry encourages Ralph to be the hero he has become. With those words, the Elongated Man returns. Barry and Ralph take on DeVoe, but they can't hit him. In DeVoe's lair, Cecile is getting more and more contractions and Wells is speaking just like Barry did after he came out from the Speed Force. Barry realizes they can't hit DeVoe because he reads their minds. Ralph then suggests that they don't think about fighting, but something they love, as DeVoe is void of love. The idea works and they beat him. However, DeVoe sends countless copies of himself to fight the two heroes.

In the lair, DeVoe is getting close, and Joe faults at Marlize for her part in this, but Iris then reminds him what he said to her after Barry came out from the Speed Force. Joe backs away and DeVoe enters and begins using his many powers to subdue the team. After disabling everyone, he starts to use Null's powers to strangle Cecile. At the same time inside Devoe's mind, Barry and Ralph defeat a number of DeVoe clones, and after that Barry grabs Ralph and runs towards the portal, knocking out multiple DeVoe's. They manage to reach the portal just in time, and as a result, DeVoe starts to lose control of Ralph's body. He manages to activate something in the chair before he slumps on the floor, and angrily can't comprehend how Team Flash managed to defeat him. Marlize says that Team Flash's love for Ralph made them stronger than he could ever be. Ralph regains control, and everyone are happy to have him back. Although DeVoe was defeated, the Enlightenment is still active. Marlize manages to use a code to reverse it, and the polarization field dissipates. Everything in the city returns to normal.

With the Enlightenment stopped, Team Flash returns to S.T.A.R. Labs. Cecile's water breaks, and she is taken to the medical lab, where Caitlin has to take care of the birth. As the team leaves the Speed Lab, DeVoe's chair activates on its own. As the team breathes a sigh of relief, the systems are hacked again. The chair appears, and DeVoe appears as a hologram, having anticipated even the outcome, where he'd have to create a mechanical version of himself. Marlize rips off the chair's power source, killing DeVoe for good. However, a side effect of this is that the satellite DeVoe used beings to break apart and will crash on the city. Debris is already falling, and Iris sends Cisco and Ralph to clear the crash site while Barry runs to destroy the satellite. The heroes go to the site and save the people, and Barry speeds up to smash the satellite with a supersonic punch. Marlize believes he won't survive. Just as Barry is about to hit the satellite, time moves backwards: this time, another speedster runs alongside Barry, and they hit the satellite together, destroying it. As Barry lands on the ground, citizens cheer at the Flash for saving them again. At the same time, Caitlin successfully deliver's Cecile's baby, despite having only helped deliver a baby twice before in med school.

The next day, Marlize gives Cisco a device that can restore Wells' mind. Barry and Iris thank Marlize and offer her to stay with Team Flash as a way for her to make amends. She refuses, intending to keep doing what she was doing before joining Clifford's crusade. As Marlize leaves, Iris notices Barry has something on his mind. He tells her that he didn't stop the satellite alone: there was another speedster.

Cisco uses Marlize's device on the thinking cap and places it on Wells' head. He activates it, and for a moment it seems the device has failed. It works and Wells is back, but his intelligence is not at the level it once was. Cisco and the others are distressed but Harry doesn't mind. He now claims he has balance between his mind and heart, and intends to return to Earth-2 to go see Jesse. But he won't leave without giving a group hug and telling everyone he loves them.

Inside Joe's house, Team Flash waits as Cecile and Joe walk in with their newborn baby. Barry says, "This calls for a toast!". Nothing happens, so he says it again but louder, and Wally appears with champagne, telling them he was never going to miss his new sister's first party. Barry toasts to Team Flash's newest member, whom Cecile has named Jenna Marie West. Joe talks with Wally about his time with the Legends, and he reveals he left Team Flash because he felt that he would be constantly in Barry's shadow, but fighting a time demon and being a Legend made him see that he loves being himself. Iris, talking to Barry privately, then claims they will be the next couple to have a kid. Barry is baffled, but Iris explains that she meant they would have a child at some point, not now. She goes to refill Barry's drink after seeing him flustered. There is a knock at the door, and Barry goes to open the door. It's the same girl seen before, and she briskly steps inside, claiming that they need to talk. As she enters, everyone remembers seeing her before: Caitlin, Cisco and Ralph met her at Jitters, Wally remembers seeing her during Barry and Iris' wedding[1], and Barry remembers it too. Joe and Cecile remember that she was the delivery girl at the baby shower. They also recognize the jacket she is wearing, and Barry asks where she got it. She points at Iris and says from her. Iris claims she couldn't have, as it is one of a kind, and the girl claims it is, when Iris let her borrow it. The girl then reveals she is Nora West-Allen, Barry and Iris' future daughter, and she claims she has made a very big mistake.



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  • This is the last episode of The Flash to feature Neil Sandilands (Clifford DeVoe).
  • The episode's title refers to the quote Iris said to Barry in "Mixed Signals"​.
  • When Marlize suggests sending Barry's mind into DeVoe's, Cisco likens it to the film Inception, which is based on a similar concept.
  • Ralph makes a reference to Attack of the Clones from the Star Wars franchise during his and Barry's confrontation with the army of DeVoes inside the latter's mind.
  • DeVoe breaks the fourth wall by claiming that there will be no "defeating the big bad this year" to Barry, indirectly referring to his self-proclaimed superiority compared to the Reverse-Flash, Zoom, and Savitar in "Therefore I Am"​.
    • Ironically, this statement came true around the same time on Arrow, as Ricardo Diaz, who'd been the main enemy Oliver Queen dealt with in Season 6, escaped justice and didn't take long to return in {{Seas|7|A{{, continuing to be a threat.
  • Nora is revealed to be the one who coined the phrase "This house is bitchin'." from "The Flash Reborn" when walking into the West house.
  • This is the first non-Supergirl episode in the Arrowverse that Kara Danvers is mentioned by name outside of crossovers, as Barry mentions Kara as a possible ally they could contact for help dealing with DeVoe. However, Marlize states that this would do them no good, as DeVoe had carefully considered the set of powers he'd need to be able to counter the powers and abilities of Team Flash, and any friends they could call to their aid.
  • A cliffhanger that would have teased the villain (after the mystery girl) for the next season was originally filmed for this episode. However, it was cut due to time constraints and the scene was used in the trailer for Season 5.[2]
  • The way Barry uses Ralph, as The Elongated Man, to fight off multiple DeVoes is very reminicent of the fight in The Matrix Reloaded, when Neo fights multiple Agent Smiths.