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"You know, you two were heroes to me, way before all of this. I know you want to help people, but this is not the way to do it. I won't stop you. But as long as you are putting yourselves in danger, I can't support it."
Supergirl to James Olsen and Winn Schott

"We Can Be Heroes" is the tenth episode of the second season of Supergirl, and the thirtieth episode overall. It aired on January 30, 2017.




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Mon-El joins Supergirl in a training session involving protecting cardboard civilians from a drone, with mixed results. Maggie finds a group of criminals that Guardian left tied up for the police. Winn is somewhat freaked out that James received a minor bullet wound in the encounter and tells him they need to tell Kara.

In her cell, M'gann hears voices and seems to go into a trance before collapsing. J'onn has Alex examine her. Even though there is nothing physically wrong with her, Alex senses she is mentally fading and will be brain dead within hours. At the local prison, Livewire is undergoing a session with a psychiatrist, Doctor Hampton. She says she will be out of there soon. A new guard attacks one of his colleagues and frees inmate Lisa Gold. The two of them then attack Hampton, to Livewire's delight.

Kara joins Alex and Maggie in checking out the aftermath (causing Alex to win a bet with her girlfriend). She is vehement that Livewire is evil and needs to be stopped, even believing she abducted and killed the guard and inmate that disappeared with her. Winn later gives Supergirl, J'onn and Mon-El a briefing on Livewire. James calls Kara to his office and tries to suggest she doesn't have to fight Livewire alone but Kara thinks he is talking about Mon-El. They then see on the news that Livewire is attacking the NCPD.

Lisa Gold pre-transformation

Lisa Gold

Supergirl and Mon-El (who has been given a superhero costume by Winn) confront Livewire but Supergirl is stunned to discover that it isn't Leslie but Lisa: She and the guard both have copies of Livewire's powers. Supergirl fights them both while Mon-El tries to get the police to safety, but with two-to-one odds she takes a beating. Mon-El rushes to help her and Guardian takes over his job of protecting the police, but both he and a police officer are injured by a stay blast before the two Livewires flee. Supergirl unmasks him and discovers it is James.

After Alex has patched him up, Supergirl confronts James who says he needs to be a hero. Supergirl thinks he will get himself killed and threatens to stop him. Alex tells J'onn that he could save M'gann with the Martian bond but he is reluctant to open his meld to a White Martian. He later admits that he's not sure he can bring himself to stop hating her people. Kara asks Mon-El if he only wants to be a hero because he likes her.

Although Supergirl believes Livewire is creating soldiers to serve her, in fact she is being held prisoner by a scientist who is draining her power. Winn shows Supergirl, J'onn and Mon-El security footage showing Lisa and the guard removing Livewire from the prison by force. He claims not to know where she is but in fact gives the information to James. Mon-El overhears.

J'onn decides to help M'gann after all and asks Supergirl and Alex to stay with him while he mind-melds with her. He finds himself in an internment camp back on Mars. M'gann tells him that her fellows wanted her to kill a Green Martian boy but she let him go and then killed the other guards. She believes she will die there but J'onn reminds her she escaped to Earth. He says she is his friend and he forgives her.

The scientist explains to Livewire that he isn't interested in teaming up with her but in creating super soldiers to sell. Guardian arrives, followed by Mon-El, who takes out the other two Livewires while Guardian tries to free Leslie. However, the scientist turns out to have Livewire's powers as well and knocks them both out. Winn contacts Supergirl and admits what he's done.

Supergirl talking Livewire out of killing the scientist

Supergirl talks to Livewire.

The scientist intends to turn Guardian and Mon-El into more powerful super soldiers even though it will mean driving Livewire completely. Supergirl arrives and frees Guardian and Mon-El to fight the two soldiers while she frees Livewire. Livewire threatens to kill her but Supergirl points out she made Livewire who she is and the scientist tried to take it away from her. Livewire fights him instead while Supergirl helps her friends. Supergirl tells Livewire not to kill the scientist, saying she can't guarantee she won't go back to jail, but if Livewire shows mercy she'll wait before chasing after her. Livewire accepts and departs.

Back at the DEO, J'onn reprimands Winn for withholding information although she is quietly impressed. Supergirl tells Alex and Maggie she let Livewire go because there was still good in her (causing Maggie to win a bet) and tells James and Winn she doesn't support them but won't stop them. J'onn tells M'gann she's free to go. M'gann tells him she withdrew into herself and became trapped while trying to shield herself from her people: Now they know where she is and will be coming.

Kara finds Mon-El at her flat. He tells her she was right: He remembers kissing her when he thought he was going to die and cares about her. He says he knows she doesn't care about him in the same way and is happy just to go on working with her. Kara looks more conflicted.




  • The episode's title is a reference to the David Bowie song, "Heroes".
  • The conversation between M'gann and J'onn is in Hungarian:
    • M'gann: Ver, Tu-sa, Gyönyörü Háború (Blood, Battle, Beautiful war).
    • J'onn: M'gann, fejezd be! (M'gann, stop it!).
  • The robots seen when Kara is training Mon-El previously appeared in Superhero Fight Club 2.0.
  • When Supergirl frees Livewire, archived footage of Supergirl during her first fight with Vartox in the "Pilot" episode is reused in the scene.
  • The mad scientist references Shark Tank, an American reality TV show.


  • In "Worlds Finest", Kara stated that Barry Allen had helped the National City Police Department upgrade their prisons to contain criminal meta-humans. Thus, it's unknown why Livewire was incarcerated in a human cell with only power-dampening cuffs.
  • Kara scolds James for fighting crime because he is a regular human without superhuman powers. However, Alex regularly helps Supergirl in the crime-fighting scene and does not have superhuman powers either. If Kara does not bring up Alex because she has been extensively trained in combat by J'onn J'onzz, James previously said in "Changing" that he has a black belt, implying that he has also had training in martial arts.


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