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"Hey, man. New Team Arrow's kicking ass."
"You know what? I really have to say that I think we should change our name. Like, what do you guys think about The Outsiders?"
"Um, I think it was a really awesome book.
Rene Ramirez, Curtis Holt, and Dinah Drake

"We Fall" is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-twenty-sixth episode overall. It aired on January 25, 2018.



Councilman Harold Grovner leaves his home to find his car covered in toilet paper and drives off in it. At the same time, Doctor Elisa Schwartz is at work at the hospital and Captain Frank Pike is entering a lift at work. Grovner's car fails to respond to his instructions, driving through a red light and crashing. Life support starts failing at the hospital and an orderly is electrocuted on touching a monitor. The lift halts and Pike warns everyone to get away from the sides but one occupant presses a panel; Pike tries to pull him away but everyone present is electrified.

Oliver and William practice with toy bows and arrows, with William noting Oliver's out of practice. Oliver and Felicity see William off on a school trip. Felicity then gets an alert to the deaths of Grovner, six people at the hospital and five at SCPD. Quentin calls Oliver and tells him Pike was among the fatalities. Oliver sends Felicity to the bunker, where Diggle is working out. Diggle suggests involving Curtis, Dinah and Rene, and Oliver agrees. Felicity calls Curtis and they agree to share intel.

Oliver meets with Quentin at the SCPD and puts him and Thea in charge. They make a plan to set up safe zones free of electronic equipment, since it's clear Cayden James has control of the city's network. Oliver returns to his office to give his staff a pep-talk and lead a brief tribute to Grovner. His secretary, Becky, shows in an appointment, Ben Gale, who turns out to be James. James warns Oliver that his associates still have the explosives if he doesn't return. He wants ten million dollars wired to an offshore account. He also reveals that his son died exactly a year ago when he was hit by one of Oliver's arrow that missed its target.

Curtis, Rene and Dinah notice that one of Curtis' balls is detecting Vigilante. They investigate a car park as Mr. Terrific, Wild Dog and Black Canary. Terrific encounters Sobel, who says he is undercover on Cayden James' organisation and tells him to be at the junction of the red and gold tracks on the subway in an hour. Returning to the New Team Arrow base, Curtis calls Felicity who confirms a signal is down. Curtis says his team will handle it. Terrific, Wild Dog and Canary head to the junction and finds the tracks are crossed so the trains will collide. After failing to divert them, Canary stops one of the trains with a sonic scream.

Felicity learns from Alena how she unwittingly gave James access to the network by taking down the firewall. Oliver tells her and Diggie what he found out...which means he can't have killed James' son, since he was in Hub City collecting Dinah a year ago. They deduce that James has blocked every exit from the city except for the tunnel that William's party was using. Oliver and Diggle decide to head down there, with Diggle looking disappointed at wearing his old Spartan uniform.

William has been hassled by a classmate, Donnie, during the bus journey. The tunnel is blocked and the driver goes to investigate. Junction boxes start exploding, starting fires. William takes charges and gets the other kids out of the bus through the emergency exit, including Donnie, who was frozen in fear. William is trapped by a falling sign. Green Arrow and Spartan arrive and start getting everyone to safety. Donnie alerts Green Arrow to where William is and he gets him out. William realises it's Oliver in the outfit.

Oliver and Diggle take William to the bunker. Oliver says he did give up being Green Arrow for a while, but then Diggle was hurt and the rest of the team quit. Felicity receives news from Alena that James received an evidence pack that convinced him Oliver killed his son. Meanwhile, Curtis tells Rene and Dinah that the information came from Sobel. Curtis and Rene are willing to work with him but Dinah decides against trusting him until they receive more intel.

Oliver visits Quentin and Thea but no-one is using the safe areas and the police are just standing around. Oliver holds a press conference informing people of the situation and encouraging them to use the safe areas. Felicity, William and Diggle view the speech at the bunker. James also views it and tells Sobel and Sheck this is what he predicted. Sobel uses Curtis' tracking to send a message to the New Team Arrow in morse code, warning them of an attack on the safe area on Oak Street.

Terrific, Wild Dog and Black Canary head down there. They have Green Arrow and Spartan join them but don't tell them their source. Vigilante and Sheck arrive with a group of gun men. The two Arrow teams take them on, and Vigilante kills Sheck to stop him killing Wild Dog. Felicity and William watch the battle, with Felicity telling William she always worries about Oliver but trusts that he knows what he's doing. With the gunmen taken care of, the two Team Arrows go their separate ways, with things still tense. Dinah meets with Vincent and accepts they're on the same side.

Oliver apologises to William for lying to them and offers to give up being Green Arrow. William says he knows what Oliver does is important, and he now has Felicity to look after him if anything happens to Oliver. Felicity gets another message from Alena: She hasn't been able to get hold of James' evidence. Oliver goes back to the office and tells Thea to wire the money.


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  • This episode, along with the previous episode, "Divided", forms the saying "Divided We Fall".
  • When Curtis suggests that they call their new team "the Outsiders", Dinah comments, "That was a good book". This is a reference to the S. E. Hinton novel The Outsiders.
    • It is also a reference to the superhero group in the DC comics known as the Outsiders, who do not fit the norms of the "mainstream" superhero community, in this case Team Arrow.
  • Rene compares situation in Star City to "Escape from Detroit", at which point Curtis says that he's not sure whether to correct Rene or embrace his attempt at referencing John Carpenter's Escape duology, which includes films Escape from New York and Escape from L.A.. Detroit was nowhere to be seen in the franchise, with the proposed third movie having the working title Escape from Earth.
  • This episode takes place exactly a year after Dinah joined the team; Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity all agree that Oliver could not have been responsible for the death of Cayden James' son as collateral damage in a fight one year ago as on that date, he was in Hub City trying to recruit Dinah.
  • Cayden James uses the name "Ben Gale" as his alias. This name serves as an Easter egg from the TV show Lost that combines Michael Emerson's character, Benjamin Linus, and the character's alias, "Henry Gale", into one name.
  • The license plate on William's school bus reads R3D RUM, likely a reference to the movie The Shining.
  • The motto on the license plate shown at 17:12 is "Land of Mist". This is likely a reference to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 1926 publication of the same name. The Land of Mist is the third book in a series featuring George Edward Challenger, aka Professor Challenger.


  • Cayden gives Oliver an account number and orders him to wire the money there. However, he does not provide a Swift Code, routing number, or even a bank name; one cannot wire money to an account number if they don't know which bank the account is in.
  • When William is on a school bus for his field trip, there doesn't appear to be a teacher present at any point.
  • The sign that falls next to the bus is not facing the flow of traffic; the tunnel was one-way and drivers could not read it if it was in place in that direction.