"You know what? I really have to say that we should change our name. Like, what do you guys think of "The Outsiders"?"
Curtis Holt
"We Fall" is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-twenty-sixth episode overall. It aired on January 25, 2018.


Cayden James ups the ante by launching his plan to take control of every aspect of the city. Despite the scope of Cayden's plan, Oliver is determined to foil it with just the Original Team Arrow - and without the aid of Rene, Dinah or Curtis. But things get complicated when William is endangered as a result of Cayden's handiwork.[src]


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  • This episode, along with the previous episode, "Divided", forms the saying "Divided We Fall".
  • When Curtis suggests that they call their new team the "Outsiders", Dinah comments, "That was a good book". This is a reference to the S. E. Hinton novel The Outsiders.
    • It is also a reference to the superhero group in the DC comics known as the Outsiders, who do not fit the norms of the "mainstream" superhero community, in this case Team Arrow.
  • Rene compares situation in Star City to "Escape from Detroit", at which point Curtis says that he's not sure whether to correct Rene or embrace his attempt at referencing John Carpenter's Escape duology, which includes films Escape from New York and Escape from L.A.. Detroit was nowhere to be seen in the franchise, with the proposed third movie having the working title Escape from Earth.
  • This episode takes place exactly a year after Dinah joined the team; Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity all agree that Oliver could not have been responsible for the death of Cayden James' son as collateral damage in a fight one year ago as on that date, he was in Hub City trying to recruit Dinah.
  • Cayden James uses the name "Ben Gale" as his alias. This name serves as an Easter egg from the TV show Lost that combines Michael Emerson's character, Benjamin Linus, and the character's alias, "Henry Gale", into one name.
  • The license plate on William's school bus reads R3D RUM, likely a reference to the movie The Shining.


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