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"I wasn't trying to be a criminal mastermind. I just needed the money. Something I'm sure a billionaire wouldn't understand."
—Dr. Webb to Oliver Queen[src]

Dr. Webb (died April 2013) was a psychiatrist at a mental institution that Cecil Adams aka "The Count" was locked up in. Trying to benefit from the results of his patient's affliction, Webb decided to take the mantle of the Vertigo crime lord for himself, staging Adams' "escape" from the mental ward and then masquerading as his patient. He was slain by the Hood.


When Cecil Adams came through the institution, he still had a large amount of Vertigo in his system. Dr. Webb was able to extract his blood and create his own version of the drug, with added chlorpromazine to make the effect stronger. He began selling it in order to make money, using a car with shaded windows and a voice modulator of some sort to pose as "The Count", making use of his patient's criminal connections.

After some time, the Hood tracked Webb down and discovered the truth, finding out that Adams never escaped from the institution, and thus was innocent of the crimes Webb did in his name. However, the vigilante was apprehended given liquid Vertigo, which he managed to use an antidote on. Webb told Oliver of his motives, claiming that he became a crime boss by necessity, rather than choice, and revealed his knowledge of the Hood's true identity. Oliver then escaped and shot Webb in the heart, despite still being under the influence of the drug.[1]


Webb was a calculating and egotistical individual, who saw his patient, Cecil Adams, as merely a means to acquire money for his research, and was ready to kill Oliver Queen in cold blood. Webb claimed that he wasn't trying to be a criminal mastermind, despite all the evidence to the contrary being his convoluted plans regarding Cecil identity as the Count and his own use of it. Webb was also extremely overconfident, which ultimately led to his death.[1]


"Cops came around, started asking questions. You faked the Count's disappearance to draw attention away from yourself. It's clever."
Oliver Queen to Webb[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Expert scientist/Expert tactician: Extremely cunning and crafty, Webb was able to outwit the police and at first, Oliver Queen, and managed to capture the vigilante. He was also able to perfectly reconstruct Cecil Adams persona in his scheme to fool the criminal underworld that Cecil is back in business. Webb had high chemistry knowledge by taking Vertigo and further improving it from the Count's formula. Webb created a convoluted plan, manipulating the Hood and the SCPD by staging an "escape" of his patient, Cecil, while actually imprisoning him inside the facility and using special equipment to continue to control Cecil's criminal enterprises in his name.


  • Vertigo: Extracting it from Cecil Adams' blood, Webb mass-produced the drug and started selling it throughout Starling City, disguised as the Count himself.
  • Voice modulator: Webb used a voice modulator to disguise himself as The Count, allowing him to fool the drug lord's gang.



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