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"It's all over. We've got you. I've got you. It's all behind us now.
Good. Oh, 'cause I don't think I ever wanna hear the word "phantom" ever again. Not in an opera, not in a Star Wars prequel. Especially not in a Star Wars prequel. I don't even think I could handle an episode of Scooby-Doo right now.
It's... I'm sorry. It's so good to have you home.
Alex and Kara[src]

"Welcome Back, Kara!" is the eighth and midseason premiere episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-fourteenth episode overall. It aired on August 24, 2021.



The scene opens with Brainy on a mission, conveying a bundle to the pinnacle, spy-style. The bundle ends up being a cake for Kara to praise her return, however she's actually resting under sun lights. Sadly, it's not serene and she awakens from a bad dream about the Phantom Zone, however she reveals to Alex she would not like to discuss it. Kara never needs to hear the word Phantom again. Kara welcomes her companions who are glad to see her. Kara reveals to Lena it's simply because of her being in the group now that she's home. Kelly is missing as she is at direction for her work, yet Zor-El is conscious and meeting the companions too. He's dazzled with the Tower. He discloses to them he intends to remain in National City for a tad to perceive what Kara has been doing.

His cover is Uncle Archie visiting from Midvale. Kara and Nia take him to work at CatCo where Kara is apprehensive about returning to work and furthermore confronting William. Nia recounts to Kara about the muddled main story she thought of for her similarly as the lift opens and Andrea is hanging tight for her. Kara needs to disclose to her that there is no story, that her source took everything in private and Andrea is vexed. At the gathering, it's uncovered that CatCo has sneaked through the evaluations after the Lex Luthor preliminary and she needs them to return to number one in a month or they're completely terminated. She doles out Kara to get a selective with Supergirl about the National City Phantom assaults, something that comes as a troubling shock to Kara. Additionally an amazement to Kara? William is presently dating somebody.

Outside, Nia and Zor-El are talking when he sees something tumbling from the sky. She advises him to get ready and fly. Zor-El and Supergirl take off to prevent the satellite from colliding with the city with Supergirl giving her dad a couple of fast examples on the most proficient method to utilize his forces simultaneously. They find a huge island of junk comprised of the old DEO off the coast that is shrouded in poisonous synthetic substances.

Kara attempts to sell Andrea on the rubbish island story, yet she gives the story to William all things considered. CatCo's stock is falling and she's profoundly focused on the Supergirl and Phantoms story. Andrea is focused on boosting the evaluations and getting a select Supergirl to do it. At the point when Kara attempts to work the story, it gives her flashbacks, yet her dad calls her to the Tower. He's found that the Earth is on a similar way to obliteration as Krypton was as the seas are kicking the bucket. The fire on the island has reignited too and it ends up, there's Dominator tech to fault. Zor-El is disturbed. Kara takes him to the Fortress.

In the Fortress, Zor-El is eager to see that she has a Kelex and he then, at that point, acknowledges he has a thought of how to save the Earth's seas. They return to the Tower with an updated Kelex called Oscar (named for Oscar the Grouch) that can basically recoil rubbish and convert it to energy that it will then, at that point, assimilate and render innocuous. J'onn has concerns, however Zor-El needs to act now. They dispatch Oscar and he will work.

At first, all goes impeccably, however soon enough, trash starts to append itself to Oscar and he simply continues to get bigger and bigger and they can't remember him or think that he is on satellite. Supergirl and J'onn go searching for him as his programming has been tainted. It ends up, he's associated with some Daxamate cloaking that shrouds him. Oscar's energy center is likewise getting more sizzling and more sweltering so it could detonate like an atomic bomb. Intelligent chooses to give him an infection to close him down. Zor-El is safe, however it's reasonable he's fixed on saving Earth since he was unable to save Krypton. He yields and helps smart with the infection.

Oscar emerges from the water as a goliath rubbish beast and starts assaulting as he's additionally gotten a parasitic animal that is basically driving things now. The Super Friends appear at stop him. Intelligent fails to keep a grip on his robot and Oscar is secured by a power field. Smart fools Oscar into believing he's waste and taking him in. Supergirl and J'onn are both thumped back and Supergirl's suit is penetrated so she's not shielded from the Kryptonite, which triggers her PTSD and Sentinel's. Sentinel and Dreamer both move to secure Supergirl, yet they are completely thumped back similarly as Brainy's infection is conveyed and the day is saved. Supergirl tidies up the wreck, throwing it into the sun.

As the rankings and circumstance deteriorates for CatCo and surprisingly William's story isn't substantial enough for her, Andrea utilizes her Acrata emblem to break into Lex's home to sneak around for data. She finds that William's source about Lex was coming clean, yet she additionally discovers records on the Super Friends. She takes those and they become her obsession. She concludes that they are the genuine story that will save CatCo.

Zor-El feels terrible for the wreck he made and acknowledges he needs to go to Argo City to confront Alura, something he's put off out of culpability for not having the option to save their reality. He figured saving Earth would acquire his direction back to her. Zor-El discloses to Kara that she doesn't need to convey the heaviness of Earth on her shoulders each day and it's alright to here and there be human.

Nia is battling to see Kara and her dad together as it's raising her yearning for her own mom. She trusts in Lena about her sentiments. Lena reveals to her that her dread vision was about her own mom. Lena considers Nia and reveals to her that she at long last acknowledges that she's not answerable for her mom's demise and she's chosen to return home to where she was conceived. Kara opens up to Alex about the Phantom Zone. Alex opens up with regards to how she feels also. She says they'll traverse it together. The scene shuts with Nia waking down from rest saying "Nixly."



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  • It's unclear why Andrea insists on an interview with Supergirl regarding the Phantom attacks, since when Kara looks up the event, none of the articles mention her involvement, only that of the other Superfriends.