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For the The Flash episode, see "Welcome to Earth-2".
"Do the Hatfields mention the McCoys?"
"I take it your two planets didn't get along?"
Kara and Alex Danvers on the feud between Kryptonians and Daxamites

"Welcome to Earth" is the third episode of the second season of Supergirl, and the twenty-third episode overall. It aired on October 24, 2016.



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The comatose alien awakened and grabbed Kara's neck. He throws her to the side and walks out into the main area. He attacks some D.E.O. guards and jumps out a window leaping to the ground below, unharmed. Later, J'onn informs Kara and Alex that President Olivia Marsdin is visiting National City to sign the Alien Amnesty Act. Kara is excited for the new law but J'onn disagrees with it due to his past experiences. Alex informs Kara that Supergirl is expected to greet the President on the tarmac.

James holds his first editorial meeting as interim head of CatCo. During the meeting, Snapper Carr undermines James's agenda and takes control of the meeting. James tries to assign Kara to interview the President but Snapper reassigns her to interview Lena Luthor instead.

Supergirl arrives on the tarmac to meet the President. Suddenly, fiery blasts attack secret service agents and nearly kill the President before Kara shields her with her cape. Later, Alex tells Kara that the President has been re-located to the D.E.O. headquarters. Kara remarks to Alex how nice the President was. They believe the escaped "Kryptonian" was behind the attacks. Alex then spots some NCPD officers investigating the crime scene. Alex meets the lead detective, Maggie Sawyer, and masquerades as a Secret Service agent to tell her that the crime scene wasn't within NCPD jurisdiction so Maggie leaves.

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The President thanks J'onn for the work that the D.E.O. has been doing but tells him that the Alien Amnesty Act will change their focus. J'onn disagrees with the President's rationale for the Act but she insists that it's important to hope that extending a hand in friendship is the best path forward.

Kara arrives in Lena's office and asks her about her stance on the amnesty bill. Lena shows Kara a device she invented that can identify aliens. Kara tells Lena that she believes this kind of device will force aliens back into hiding. Lena justifies it by saying that humans have a right to know who amongst them is actually human and points out the lucrative profit that the device will make for L-Corp. Kara discreetly uses heat-vision on the device while Lena isn't looking. Lena them urges Kara to use the alien detection device; the results come back negative.

Winn tracks the renegade "Kryptonian" to an Arts District warehouse. A D.E.O. strike team finds Maggie Sawyer already there causing Maggie to realize that Alex is actually a D.E.O. agent. Alex informs Winn that the fugitive isn't there.

At an observatory, the fugitive alien grabs a human by the throat demanding to go home.

Kara chides Alex for going after the alien alone. Alex then receives a call from Maggie inviting her to see how local police gather intel on aliens.

Snapper criticizes Kara's scoop on Lena Luthor as biased and tells her to rewrite her article without her personal beliefs in it. Kara and James both vent to each other about their frustrations with Snapper. Kara tells James that Cat Grant must have put him in charge for a reason so he should be the boss he wants to be.


Alex meets Maggie at an underground alien bar. Alex notices that many of the patrons are aliens and readies her gun but Maggie calms her down and tells her the bar is a safe space for non-humans. Darla serves them drinks. Maggie remarks that Darla is her ex-girlfriend and that she can relate to aliens because she also felt alone as a non-white and non-straight girl in Nebraska. Another bar patron walks up to them asking about Alex. Alex asks him if he has seen the alien they are after. The patron tells them that the fugitive was trying to contact his home planet but didn't know where exactly he was.

Alex tells Winn to scan for orbital transmissions into deep space. Winn tracks a signal to the Mt. Pride Observatory and says the alien beamed a signal to a planet called Daxam. Supergirl crashes into the observatory and attacks the alien but is knocked over by him. Kara and him fight but Kara defeats him and takes him to the D.E.O. Kara explains to the others that Krypton and Daxam had a long feud with each other due to philosophical and political differences.

Kara questions the Daxamite about his alleged attack on the President but he doesn't say anything. As Kara turns away, he asks if they have Zakkarian ale on Earth. After a brief argument between them about the merits of their own species over the other's, Kara asks him about his signal to Daxam. He says it's a distress signal, but Kara doesn't believe him or his claim that he has nothing to do with the attack on the President.

Kara meets again with Lena who wanted to thank Kara for her article in CatCo Magazine. Kara admits that her original article was a scathing review of her new device but that her boss ordered her to rewrite it. Kara told Lena that she has begun to see things from her point of view, even though she still supports amnesty. Lena tells Kara of how she used to adore Lex as a child and that she tried to bring him back to the good side but realized that some people are just bad.

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At the president's ceremony, the President gives a speech to a crowd about the Amnesty Act and begins to sign the bill. Suddenly, she is attacked again by an Infernian, Scorcher, who takes out multiple secret service agents, Kara, and Alex. Maggie attempts to apprehend her, but Scorcher grabs her gun. Kara spins around to get rid of the flames on her. However, Scorcher and Maggie are missing.

Alex goes to the bar and interrogates Worris about Scorcher, but the bartender tells her that Scorcher hangs out by the foundry.

Scorcher ties up Maggie and tells her that she is pathetic for fighting for aliens and tells her that she believes amnesty is just a form of registration. Supergirl arrives and blasts Scorcher with heat vision, which Scorcher reciprocates. She then blasts Maggie and Alex and does battle with Supergirl. Supergirl uses her cold breath to encase Scorcher in ice. Scorcher melts the ice and they fight again. Supergirl flies in circles around Scorcher to create a vacuum, negating her fire powers. Maggie grabs a gun and arrests the Infernian.

At CatCo, James informs Snapper that he rewrote one of his articles. Snapper gets angry, but James reiterates that he is his boss and has control of all editorial content. James offers a truce to stay out of Snapper's way if Snapper respects James. Kara congratulates James for the effort.

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Alex brings Maggie to the D.E.O. for medical attention. Maggie thanks Alex for saving her life while Alex thanks Maggie for getting her to see that not all aliens are bad. Maggie leaves to go meet another lady for a date. Kara revisits the Daxamite's cell and apologizes to him for her prejudices and accusations against him. She introduces herself to him as Kara Zor-El, a fellow refugee on Earth. He introduces himself as Mon-El and asks if she will help him contact Daxam. Kara informs Mon-El of the fate of their worlds, and that Daxam was now a wasteland. The President thanks J'onn and Kara for their protection. She mentions to Kara about another jet she owns and walks away, briefly morphing into a different form.

J'onn later visits Al's Dive Bar in his Martian form and sits down for a drink, which seems to startle the bartender. J'onn runs after her and discovers that she is M'gann M'orzz, a fellow Martian.



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  • The Alien Amnesty Act is described as an executive order by the president: a change imposed solely by the executive branch of the U.S. government. However, the term "act" refers to a law passed by Congress, the legislative branch.
  • Lena says that plumerias (the flowers on her office desk) are pretty rare. However, they can be found in tropical climates such as Hawaii, Mexico, and Central America.
  • The night sky above the observatory was obviously added in during post-production. A nebula, with all its colors, can be seen in the sky. However there are no nebulas close enough to Earth to be seen with the naked eye and even when viewed through a telescope, they wouldn't have the color detail seen, as most of the color wavelengths would get reflected by the atmosphere.
  • In her speech, Olivia describes Ellis Island as a place where "thousands" of immigrants came to America. In reality, the number was in the "millions". In a speech designed to praise immigration, Olivia would almost certainly have used the correct, larger number.
  • During Scorcher's attack, Alex (a regular human without any supernatural powers) is hit face-front by a fireball so forceful it hurls her back into the air. And yet she not only gets up straight away like nothing happened, there isn't even a burn mark on her.