"Grodd wants to start World War III."
"The sooner your great nations destroy one other, the sooner there will be peace. One nation under Grodd!"
Ray Palmer and Anh Ly
"Welcome to the Jungle" is the seventh episode of the third season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the fortieth episode overall. It aired on November 21, 2017.


With Sara out of commission, the team finds a new Anachronism that leads them to the jungles of Vietnam and right in the middle of the war. Ray, Amaya, and Zari pose as journalists and trek through the jungle when they are lead to time-displaced Gorilla Grodd. Meanwhile, Nate and Rory run into someone Rory knows which give a glimpse into his past.[1]




  • The title is a reference to the Guns N' Roses song of the same name (that was also previously used in Superhero Fight Club 2.0), along with the fact that the Legends visit the jungles of Vietnam.
  • There is a continuity error: After they bump into his dad Mick tells Nate he has never seen a therapist, but in the crossover Mick tells Kara his shrink thinks he has an interesting past.
  • When Grodd is controlling Sara, he makes her say "There is no Sara. Only Grodd". It is a reference to first Ghostbusters movie.
  • Nate likens his and Mick's situation initially to the 1987 film Predator, and later to the 1979 film Apocalypse Now.
    • Nate introduces Mick earlier under the pseudonym Officer Schwarzenegger, referencing the former film's star, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    • Nate refers to Mick going "full Kurtz", referencing the antagonist of the latter film, Colonel Walter Kurtz. In the film, Kurtz returns to Vietnam in 1966 with the Green Berets (as Dick Rory is in the show), using barbaric methods to defeat the enemy and send fear, murdering a number of innocent people.
  • Grodd's motion capture in this episode was done by Daniel Cudmore who also appeared in fellow Arrowverse shows Arrow and The Flash as Jackhammer and William Lang/Gridlock respectively.[2]


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