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"I got nothing to lose. But you do. You get to go home. But if you kill these people, you'll hear their screams forever. And one day... when you have a family, you won't be able to look them in the eye. Because this day, this act you're about to commit, will be burned in your memory forever."
Mick Rory to Dick Rory

"Welcome to the Jungle" is the seventh episode of the third season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the fortieth episode overall. It aired on November 21, 2017.




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"Welcome to the Jungle" starts with a crew of warriors seen going through the wilderness when they're assaulted by a huge brute.

On the Waverider, Jax and Stein are discussing their examination on isolating Firestorm.

Amaya is preparing when Nate converses with her about drawing closer Kuasa, her as of late found detestable granddaughter.

The gathering accumulates on the extension, where Mick neglects it that Zari didn't return Helen of Troy to Troy, rather she took her to Themyscira. Zari accounts for herself and shows the group that the chronicled record didn't change in light of the move.

Jax sees an erroneous date in Vietnam in 1968 and the gathering ventures out in those days to research. They notice a neighborhood gazing at them and they approach her, she state's she'll take the gathering to perceive what's going on in the wilderness.

Mick and Nate are strolling through the wilderness, when Nate approaches the previous concerning why he's so irritable. Mick uncovers that his father served and Vietnam and he's apprehensive about running into him. Nate says he'll by Mick a si- pack of brew in the event that they happen to run into Mick's father and right as he says that, a gathering of fighters moves toward the couple, drove, in all honesty, Mick's dad.

Nate tells the fighters that he and Rory are CIA agents and Nate pulls Rory to the side to get some information about his dad. That is when Rory reveals to him that he slaughtered his dad while growing up.

Jax is back on the Waverider and discovers that someone ate his walnut pie and when he goes to move toward Stein about it, he sees that Stein has ventured out through an ideal opportunity to bring on board Isaac Newton and different researchers through history to assist him with the condition.

The gathering drove by the Vietnamese nearby leads Zari, Amaya, and Ray to the area on the wilderness brute and discloses to them they've "showed up."

Nate and Rory get together with Rory's father crew and travel through the wilderness when they're drawn nearer by another gathering of fighters. The main warrior says they've "been illuminated" and start terminating on Nate and Mick's crew. Mick and his father utilize their flamethrowers to bring down the other group.

Zari, Amaya, and Ray are taken into a fortification, where's it uncovered that the wilderness monster is Gorilla Grodd. The gathering begins examining their arrangements for Grodd and Amaya requests Ray's psychologist beam.

Mick and his father are lounging around the fire when his dad begins taking a gander at an image of Mick's mom and discusses beginning a family.

Back on the Waverider, Jax is verbally processing to Sara, who's still in a state of unconsciousness in the wake of being harmed by Damien Darhk.

Ray and Zari find an interchanges framework that Grodd's been utilizing to control fighters and they're ready to utilize it to restore correspondences with the group. Jax and Stein see that Gideon has raised the time misplacement to Level 10 and she pulls up a paper title text that shows the world is amidst World War 3, because of Gorilla Grodd's activities during the Vietnam conflit.

Amaya sneaks into Grodd's stronghold with the therapist beam, yet Grodd before long assumes responsibility for her and annihilates the psychologist beam. Grodd reveals to Amaya that he's attempting to helping her caring discover harmony.

In the correspondence tent, Zari reveals Grodd's arrangement to murder the President, who had quite recently arrived at a close by landing strip. She's halted at gunpoint by a nearby, who she's ready to convince to bring down the firearm. The neighborhood is then taken over by Grodd and she takes out Zari with a gun whip.

They take Zari out to the center of the compound, where it's indicated that Ray and Amaya have additionally been caught. Amaya breaks free and approaches Grodd to converse with him trying to arrange. She has a go at persuading him that they can take him to a period before people, where he can live in harmony. To pick up his trust, Amaya utilizes her symbol to build a gorilla and contacts Grodd on his chest.

Weapons begin shooting out there and Grodd understands his compound has been penetrated. He thinks Amaya, Zari, and Ray had something to do with it and he asserts they deceived him. We see Mick's father's gathering are the ones invading the compound and Grodd circumvents, uncovering his arrangement to take the Waverider.

The gathering of American fighters assembles everybody, including Nate, Amaya, Ray, and Zari — believing that they're American protesters — and holds them at gunpoint.

Jax stops the President Johnson's escort, cautioning them of Grodd's soon appearance. As a portion of the officers sstep out of their vehicles, they step on landmines and the President steps on one to trigger it, however Jax can freeze it so it doesn't detonate.

Stein takes off in the Waverider, however Grodd can bounce on top as it takes off. Sara wakes from her trance -ike state and enters the extension. She starts talking, and plainly she's being mind-constrained by Grodd. She goes to assault Stein, yet is thumped oblivious by Isaac Newton.

The American armed force dispatches an air assault, and the Waverider can move such that thumps Grodd off into the fire underneath.

Back at Grodd's compound, Mick has talked his dad down from harming anybody and the gathering can meet back on the Waverider.

Stein and Jax are looking at proceeding with their test and Stein tells his more youthful partner that he's as of now conveying the most significant piece of Firestorm within him. Jax discloses to Stein that as opposed to getting an award from helping President Johnson cross the minefield, LBJ gave him a formula for Lady Bird Johnson's Famous Pecan Pie.

Sara awakens and has returned to herself, with Gideon giving her an away from of wellbeing.

Somewhere else, it's uncovered that Grodd had endure the fall into the napalm and was shipped away by Damien Darhk.



  • After they bump into his father, Mick tells Nate he has never seen a therapist, but in the Invasion! crossover, Mick mentioned to Kara Danvers how his shrink thought the former has an interesting past.[2]