"I just wanna say, all of you, I really respect the fact that each one of you has two eyes."
—Wells 2.0[src]

Wells 2.0 is a resident of Earth-22 and a member of the Council of Wells.


As a resident of Earth-22, Wells 2.0 became a cyborg in order to survive. He mentions his Earth was being attacked by Reapers. The planet became ruled by warlords, facing hardships in survival, with apparent threat of famine: Wells may have eaten his Earth's version of Cisco to survive. Wells ended up living under the code of laws made by Krung the Face-Crusher, who punishes apologizing by banishment. Wells had fathered a daughter, who gouged his eye out at the Solstice Combat Games.[1]

He was later recruited by Harrison Wells of Earth-2 to join a council, later named the Council of Wells.[1]

Wells 2.0 also forged a Gulag-class knife in the unholy blood fires in his universe. By 2017, this knife was in the possession of Cisco Ramon.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Cybernetic physiology: Wells 2.0 has been augmented with many cybernetic components, granting him physical attributes well beyond standard human levels.
    • Cybernetic eye: Wells 2.0 had his real eye gouged out by his daughter at one point, so he had it replaced with a robotic one.
    • Quantum cerebral chip: Wells 2.0 possesses this processing unit to run algorithms. He used it to aid the search for DeVoe.


  • Genius-level intellect: Wells 2.0 was invited by Harry to the Council of Wells as he is extremely intelligent.[1]
  • Master survivalist: Wells 2.0 comes from the harsh world of Earth-22 and actively deals with threats to survival.[1]


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  • Wells 2.0 may have possibly been a cannibal at some point, as he mentioned having to eat his Earth's version of Cisco. However, due to his blunt and harsh personality, it's hard to tell if he's joking or not.[1]
  • His left eye was gouged out by his daughter.


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