"It is I! Wells the Grey!"
—Wells the Grey introducing himself to the Council of Wells[src]

Wells the Grey is a resident from Earth-13 who may or may not be a user of magic.[1]


Wells the Grey accidentally connected to a meeting for the Council of Wells. Just as he introduced himself, he was disconnected from the meeting by Harry Wells.[2]

Sometime later, Wells the Grey traveled to Earth-1 and hijacked Cisco Ramon's blog, writing a post before encrypting what he'd written with a spell of permanence, which Cisco insisted was actually a complex virus and not actual magic.[1]

Wells' Earth was killed when the entire multiverse was destroyed by a wave of antimatter. However, he was sent to the mind of Harrison Nash Wells.[3]

Powers and abilities


  • Magic (presumed): According to Wells the Grey, he's an expert sorcerer, specializing in different schools of magic and various incantations.[1]
  • "Techno-magic" powers (presumed): While Wells the Grey considers all of his powers to be magical in nature, they may appear as a product of technology to denizens of other universes, an inverse to Abra Kadabra's futuristic techno-magic.
    • Spell of permanence: Wells the Grey explains that he used a simple incantation to cast a spell of permanence on his text, making it impossible to delete. According to Cisco Ramon, the text is encrypted by a complex virus—"definitely NOT a spell"—forcing him to leave Wells the Grey's post in place.[1]
  • Interdimensional travel: Wells the Grey traveled from Earth-13 to Earth-1.[1]


  • Genius-level intellect/Business acumen/Various sciences: Wells the Grey is not only an accomplished sorcerer, but also a remarkably intelligent genius. According to himself, he is a great scientist with excellent expertise in various sciences that was great enough for the multiverse's Council of Wells to contact him. Despite his own world being less developed in technology, he clearly has remarkable technological skills, as he was one of the few Harrison Wells able to access the Council's transmissions. Wells the Grey studied business at the Wizarding School of Business & Necromancy and became an accomplished businessman, his acumen allowing him to allocate funds for a comfortable lifestyle in his mystic cave, which was envied by Claus of the North.[1]
  • Lutenist: Wells the Grey has mentioned practicing with his lute.[1]


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  • Wells the Grey's supposed use of magic to create a computer virus is similar to Ramsey Deacon's use of his meta-human powers to create computer viruses via his mutant genetic code.

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