Wendy Hernandez is a meta-human and one of the children in the pods regulated by A.S.A.. Her power is aerokinesis.


During the 1980s, Wendy Hernandez was identified as a Meta-human by A.S.A. spotter Peter Gambi. She had just graduated high school and was preparing to attend nursing school. Wendy was kidnapped by the A.S.A. and placed in a stasis pod. During her time in the pod, both of Wendy's parents passed away.[1]

Wendy was released from her stasis pod when another subject woke up and released himself using his powers. Disorientated and suffering from a psychotic break, Wendy used her powers to break down a section of wall and escape from the A.S.A. despite Lynn Stewart's best efforts to calm her down. Lynn contacted Jefferson about Wendy's breakout, and he went to Gambi who filled him in on Wendy's background.[1]

Wendy's first stop after escaping was the store where her mother worked. Trying to track her, Gambi hypothesized that she was trying to find something familiar from her old life that was now thirty years gone. He identified four other locations he felt that she would go to in her quest to find something familiar.[1]

Wendy headed to the youth center she used to hang out at. Gambi's surveillance alerted Jefferson and he arrived just as Wendy crashed a police car using her powers. Jefferson took several hits from her powers, but shocked her with his own lightning abilities. The blast brought Wendy out of her psychotic break, allowed Jefferson to get through to her and tell her he knew someone who could help. Wendy took his hand and accepted his assistance, eventually choosing to go back into a stasis pod.[1]


"Wendy's power is aerokinesis. She controls wind like you do electricity. She can speed up a breeze into a full-blown hurricane."
Peter Gambi to Jefferson Pierce[src]
  • Meta-human physiology: Through unknown means, Wendy’s DNA was altered and her cells supercharged, turning her into a meta-human and thereby allowing her to access her powers.
    • Aerokinesis: Wendy has the ability to control and manipulation winds. According to Gambi, if Wendy gets powerful enough, she can create hurricanes.


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