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|head of the families= [[Joe West]]
|head of the families= [[Joe West]]
|show= The Flash
|show= The Flash (The CW)

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The West family are prominent residents of Central City, on both Earths 1 and 2.

Known family members


  • Esther (Joe's grandmother, Iris, Wally and Jenna's paternal great-grandmother)
  • Joe West's great-uncle (Joe's great-uncle, Iris, Wally and Jenna's paternal great-great-uncle; status unknown)
  • Ben West (Joe's father, Iris, Wally and Jenna's paternal grandfather; status unknown)
  • Joe West (Ben's son, Esther's grandson, Francine's husband, Iris, Wally and Jenna's father, Barry's foster father and father-in-law, Nora's future maternal grandfather)
  • Francine West (Joe's wife, Iris and Wally's mother, Barry's mother-in-law, Nora's future maternal grandmother; deceased)
  • Iris West (Joe and Francine's daughter, Ben's granddaughter, Esther's great-granddaughter, Wally's sister, Jenna's paternal half-sister, Barry's wife and Nora's future mother)
  • Wally West (Joe and Francine's son, Ben's grandson, Esther's great-grandson, Iris' brother, Jenna's paternal half-brother and Barry's foster brother and brother-in-law, Nora's future uncle)
  • Barry Allen (Joe's foster son, Wally and Jenna's foster brother and brother-in-law, Iris' husband, Nora's future father)
  • Jenna West (Joe's daughter, Iris and Wally's paternal half-sister, Ben's granddaughter, Esther's great-granddaughter, Barry's foster sister and sister-in-law, Nora's future aunt)
  • Nora West-Allen (Barry and Iris' future daughter, Joe and Francine's future granddaughter, Wally and Jenna's future niece)


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